WaterUps® Square Planter


The WaterUps® Square Planter is a modular system that can be used as a stand-alone planter or as part of a larger display. This planter uses the same components as our other wicking beds and allows you to enjoy the benefits of a fully fledged wicking system.

External Dimensions: 480(L) x 480(W) x 430(H)


The WaterUps® Square Planter is a wicking bed designed for for spaces. It is ideal for herbs and leafy greens, but can also be used to grow small fruiting trees.

Made in Australia from “post consumer” re-cycled polypropylene, your purchase will help divert plastic from landfill.

Included in square planter kit:

  • Planter base
  • WaterUps® wicking cell
  • Inlet pipe
  • Overflow pipe
  • 2L bag of Perlite

Just add 2 x 25L bags of potting mix and your plants.

Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 480 × 480 × 430 mm

Monument, Light Grey, Sandstone

Installation Guide & Specifications Sheets