Innovative Garden Irrigation Systems

The WaterUps Sub-Irrigation Channel — SIC

The WaterUps SIC is one of the best Garden Irrigation Systems you can install


Our Sub-Irrigation Channel — SIC — brings the benefits of wicking to large areas.


The WaterUps Sub-Irrigation Channel TM  is one of the most effective garden irrigation systems ever created. It’s the fast and easy way for landscapers, property developers, councils and urban agriculturalists to build water efficient gardens in raised or in-ground beds and support healthy, fast- growing plants, including lawns.

As the world’s most scalable and versatile wicking solution, the SIC enables a multitude of gardening projects to be built and maintained quickly and easily — all while overcoming many of the shortcomings of traditional garden watering systems.

With the SIC, gardeners will use 80% less water than top down watering, while increasing growth and yield of plants by up to 30%! Plus, they will save themselves hours in gardening watering and maintenance.

Wicking Water from Underneath

The WaterUps SIC uses our world-leading wicking technology to water plants from underneath, via an inlet pipe on top of the garden bed, a water reservoir in the base and perlite that wicks water to the soil above. There is also an overflow pipe to remove excess water and avoid water logging.

This SIC will also capture rainwater, reducing watering requirements. It can be incorporated into stormwater downpipe and tank systems to better manage excess water runoff in periods of heavy downfall.

Measurements, Materials and Inclusions

The SIC measures(1340 (L) x 470 (W) x 160mm. It is an all-in-one reservoir and wicking cell unit containing three wicking cells with 12 “feet” in total that are filled with perlite.

The WaterUps Wicking reservoir and cells are made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic and will last for decades.

Each SIC holds 50L of water that is wicked up to the ground above, to where the moisture is most valuable to the soil and roots and thus avoiding surface evaporation. This is what makes the SIC such an outstanding garden irrigation system.

The WaterUps SIC enables DEEP WATERING. This supports plants in producing deeper root systems, which need watering less often and can withstand dry spells and droughts better.

Scaleable for large areas

The SIC can be extended easily with Channel Extension Kits (the same size, also holding 3 wicking cells), allowing you to build any length garden bed or width per the dimensions of the channel.

See the configuration examples of some of the garden beds you can build with the Sub-Irrigation Channel — and also how it has been used to use storm water for irrigating a lawn.

Waters Inground or Above

The WaterUps Sub-Irirgation Channel is the ideal watering system for above ground and rooftop gardens, retainer wall and tiered gardens, and in-ground garden beds. For raised garden beds, it enables you to build the retainer wall or exterior in the material of your choice while providing a reliable water supply to areas that may not benefit from natural run-off or water seepage.

One community garden in Sydney installed the WaterUps SIC into their veggie garden, cutting their watering time down from 11 hours a week to 1 hour — a huge time saving, with water savings on top of that.

Understand why the WaterUps SIC is better than other garden irrigation systems.

Other ways to water gardens include drip irrigation, seepage hoses, sprinklers, jet sprays, mist systems and hand watering. They all fall short.

The ADVANTAGES of the WaterUps SIC
  • The more parts the more things to break; a worn part or non-functioning nozzle can result in uneven watering and dead patches in your garden. WaterUps has fewer parts, making it quick to install and more reliable.
  • Nozzles can get clogged with ants, or mulch debris.
  • Top down watering systems may not penetrate the mulch layer and not water deep enough — thus plants establish shallow roots and are less resilient. WaterUps waters deeply.
  • With other systems the watering apparatus is largely above ground, susceptible to UV, wind and heavy rain events. With WaterUps, most of the system is below ground, providing longevity and industrial strength reliability.
  • With WaterUps you only have to fill up the inlet pipes with water, via a hose, once the water in the reservoir has depleted. It saves a huge amount of time over hand watering, plus, you determine the watering frequency based on the season — not some 12-month automatic timer.
  • With WaterUps there is no water wastage. Research has shown it uses around 20% of the water of top-down watering systems.
  • With WaterUps there is very little water loss due to evaporation. Water is efficiently used by plants.

The WaterUps SIC is the fast, economical and sustainable way to create amazing gardens and green building.


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Planting a tree with the WaterUps Tree Reservoir brochure
Long Lasting, High Performing Gardens

By delivering the most effective, cost-efficient water supply, gardens created with the WaterUps Sub-Irrigation Channel will live on, enhancing the reputation of the gardener or landscaper who created them.

The SIC enables people to build standard as well as innovative gardens using a versatile and smart irrigation system.