Wicking beds are rapidly gaining global recognition for their remarkable efficiency and sustainability. Recently, Bailey Middle School in Austin, Texas, highlighted the power of wicking beds in their school garden, underscoring the growing interest in this innovative gardening method. At WaterUps, we are proud to lead this movement, providing top-tier wicking systems that are revolutionising gardening practices worldwide. Discover how our products support sustainable gardening and help create a greener future. Join us in making a positive environmental impact with WaterUps! Read more on our website.
Renowned horticulturist Angus Stewart shares his transformative experience with WaterUps' wicking systems, highlighting their efficiency, sustainability, and positive impact on plant growth and water conservation. Dive into the details of how WaterUps is reshaping eco-friendly gardening.
Explore the journey of WaterUps and BERA BV in winning the "Groene Sector Innovation Award", a testament to our dedication to sustainable gardening and innovative wicking technology.
Discover the groundbreaking role of advanced wicking technology in modern gardening with WaterUps. Dive into the science of capillary rise and see how we’re leading the way in creating sustainable, water-efficient gardens.
Angus Stewart provides some tips about growing vegetables in a wicking bed.
This post will focus on how to grow a more diverse range of vegetables using seeds rather than seedlings.
Eric Sturman from WaterUps joined Kosta as a co-host of the Sydney Edible Garden trail 2021
Waterups® is proud to announce that we have passed a major milestone of 20 million litres of water saved - that's the volume of 8 Olympic sized swimming pools!
Angus Stewart assembles his WaterUps® square planter and shows the results he has achieved.
Murraylands Men's Shed installing their timber raised wicking beds at Murray Bridge High School.
Recently, teachers and students with a passion for the environment came together to create a sustainability group and garden within the Senior School at St Luke’s.
This month we have been lucky enough to have a guest contributor. Fiona de Souza has been responsible for the WaterUps Wicking kitchen garden at Bondi Public school.