Angus Stewart Rates WaterUps

Angus Stewart’s Praise for WaterUps

In a powerful endorsement, renowned horticulturist Angus Stewart shares his transformative experience with WaterUps’ wicking systems. Utilising Square Planters for commercial horticulture and Oasis wicking beds for personal use, Stewart praises the simplicity, efficiency, and robustness of WaterUps systems. Highlighting significant improvements in plant growth and yield, water conservation, and the innovative solution to common gardening challenges, his testimonial underscores WaterUps’ pivotal role in advancing sustainable gardening. This endorsement not only echoes the practical benefits and reliability of WaterUps products but also aligns with the global shift towards eco-friendly gardening practices.

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Angus Stewart:

“I have been using WaterUps for several years now to commercially grow my Kangaroo Paw breeding stock and other native plant varieties in the Square Planters. I use the WaterUps Oasis wicking beds to grow fruit and vegetables for my own use. The system is simple, clever, and robust, providing optimal soil moisture around the clock for better growth and long watering intervals for convenience.

As a professional horticulturist and plant breeder, I am often invited to speak at events around Australia and can spends weeks away from my garden. The reassurance of knowing that my plants will be strong and healthy when I arrive back is something that only the WaterUps system can provide. The healthy, moist soil created by the WaterUps wicking system keeps the soil alive and active so plants can access water and nutrient for growth day and night.

By watering from below, the surface of the soil remains dry, an attribute not available by any top/down watering system. This eliminates humidity at the base of plants adding to the superior growing conditions provided by this system. This dry soil surface also discourages the germination of weeds and unintended plants in pots and beds that can steal nutrients.

With the constant moisture, no humidity at the base of plants and with little to no competition from weeds, I have found that the WaterUps system has provided 30% to 50% greater growth and increased yield compared to surface watering.

With the constant moisture, no humidity at the base of plants and with little to no competition from weeds, I have found that the WaterUps system completely avoids the acute water stress I regularly experience with surface watering systems such as in overhead watered pots and raised beds, particularly during the heatwave conditions that regularly  occur during the Australian summer. I have consistently observed over several years a 30% to 50% increase in growth yield using the WaterUps system, whilst using a fraction of the water needed for a surface watering system.”