Garden Watering System

The most water-wise Garden Watering System

Our garden watering system offers a versatile and comprehensive range suitable for a variety of gardening applications and brings major benefits to all types of gardeners. 

Be you a beginner or an experienced gardener, you will value the difference WaterUps makes to your garden, saving you time and money – and with better results.

Here’s how WaterUps Delivers as a Garden Watering System

WaterUps uses the power of wicking to draw water that is stored in a water reservoir below soil level up to the plants or lawn above.

The technology helps create the optimal soil moisture conditions for healthy plant growth, reducing the evaporation and ineffectiveness of top-down watering systems.

It’s so efficient that WaterUps uses 20% of the water of top-down watering systems. Put another way – watering from under the ground lasts 80% longer – which means you water 80% less – what a fantastic time saving! – giving you the freedom to spend time in the garden doing what you love.

Each WaterUps cell has 4 wicks, think “feet”, that sit inside a water-tight reservoir. The wicks are filled with perlite which draws up – or wicks – water stored in the reservoir up to the soil above and close to plant roots. The reservoirs are filled up by a hose or watering can via an above ground inlet pipe (see pic below). Each wicking cell can hold 17 Ls of water. That is why the water last so long!

The extensive WaterUps range means you can have small or large garden areas set up to be watered by WaterUps wicking.



Pot Plants & Feature Pots

The WaterUps Square Planter — the baby of our range (pic below) — comes complete with a WaterUps Wicking system already set up. It’s perfect for herb gardens shrubs, small trees such as citrus and vegetables like tomatoes and eggplants..

Or, you can install the WaterUps Wicking Starter Kit or Tree Reservoir in larger statement pots for a water-efficient solution. These can be used at entrances, stairwells, rooftop gardens and more.

WaterUps Square Planter

Raised Garden Beds

We have a range of stylish ready to go garden beds that can be used for a variety of plants around your garden and for courtyards and the like.

Our Oasis 1240 can help you establish a verdant green screen along narrow borders where planting in the ground might be a challenge – along with a great result.

Our Artesian planters (pic below) can be used on balconies for close access to herbs or in other areas of your garden.

We have wicking reservoir liner kits to enable you to make your own custom garden beds out of the material of your choice like cement or sandstone blocks, recycled timber, metal and so on. By using WaterUps you have a highly efficient garden watering system.

Veggie Gardens

The Oasis 1680, which is one of our most popular products, provides food security for households while reducing the burden of gardening and watering. (See pic below with plants in it.) It’s a popular choice for school vegetable gardens as it can practically sustain itself with water over school holidays. Eager school gardeners can return after term breaks to plants that are still living and often thriving.

In-ground or Mounded Beds

WaterUps provides the WaterUps Sub-Irrigation Channel (SIC) which can be used for so many applications – in raised garden beds (see set-up in soil below) as well as in ground or mounded beds. The system can easily be increased in size (lengthwise, sideways, even at right angles), giving you an extensive underground watering system that only has to be filled at a few inlet points.

Community Gardens in Sydney using this system have cut their watering time down from 11 hours a week to just over an hour – a massive 90% reduction in time — as well as a huge savings in water usage.

Trees grow better with our WaterUps garden watering system

Trees are essential features of our gardens, helping to create ground stability, shade, homes for our native animals, food for birds, and real estate value – they can be the making of a property.

The WaterUps Tree Reservoir is the essential garden watering system for getting trees off to the best start in life — be you in a suburban block, on acreage or you are a council wanting resilient street trees. Our Tree Reservoir is ideal for those wanting an avenue of trees down the driveway or wanting to use trees in their landscaping. It can even be used in large feature pots next to pools for example.

These are just some of the benefits of using the WaterUps Garden Watering System for your trees:

  • 50% increase in root growth in the first 3 months alone!
  • 30% increase in canopy growth year on year for the first 3 years ⟶ Trees 2 x larger than trees not planted in our tree reservoir
  • Save 90% on the cost of plant stock. Younger, smaller stock can be used because they establish faster and better
  • 75% reduction in watering schedule for the first 18 months –> save labour
  • Up to 80% less water usage than current above ground methods –> save water


WaterUps can even be used under lawns to provide a ready supply of moisture – this is of particular benefit to properties that don’t’ get a lot of rainfall or are week-end properties.

The system can be set up to capture water from downpipes, saving you on your water bills, with year-round green lawns. With WaterUps you don’t need to use sprinklers (and waste half the water on non-absorbent surfaces like driveways, paths etc.)


There’s no other Garden Watering System like WaterUps

With WaterUps you will benefit from:

  • A reliable garden watering system – you don’t have to worry about nozzles or sprinklers breaking, being filled with dirt or ants nests and not working – and plants dying!
  • Optimal plant health – plants will be in optimal growing conditions, resulting in healthier roots and foliage, making them more resilient and less susceptible to attacks by insects or mould
  • Faster growing plants – better root foundations below ground will lead to better plant and crop growth above.
  • A unique drought-proof system – that also helps prevent root rotting in times of prolonged rainfall.

WaterUps is one of the most exciting Australian gardening innovations to come along in years. It’s great for beginner gardeners as it will make your gardening easier and more successful — you will be buoyed and want to continue your gardening journey. (It even works with cactus and succulents!)

Experienced gardeners will relish the difference it makes to their gardening life, making gardening even more rewarding with lush growth and abundant produce that can sustain the lifestyle you want to lead. Buy WaterUps here