Planting a Tree

with the WaterUps Tree Reservoir

Planting a tree with the WaterUps Tree Reservoir gets trees off to the best start in life.


Tree Reservoir supports deep roots, tree canopy and resilience.


The WaterUps Tree Reservoir TM is the new, smart, 21st century approach to planting a tree. It enables young trees to get off to the best start in life, creating strong deep roots to survive future extreme seasons due to climate change.

It’s a world first wicking innovation that will improve tree planting success for property developers, councils, sustainabilty and revegetation projects — and home owners.

For commercial and government organisations, it will turbo-charging tree growth in every way, while saving up to $580 per tree in maintenance costs in the first 18 months of a tree’s life.

With millions of trees to plant to reduce future heat island impacts, the WaterUps Tree Reservoir is the holy grail for councils, developers and landscapers wanting to green cities, future proof communities and make lives more liveable.

Watering trees from Underneath

The WaterUps Tree Reservoir uses an innovative wicking system to provide water underneath young plants so they will always have a regular supply of moisture at a depth of 450mm below the soil surface, encouraging roots down away from surface water.

The submerged underground reservoir is less affected by evaporation or surface level seepage, therefore the water lasts longer, requiring less watering maintenance..

Over time, the roots will grow around the reservoir and deeper, making the tree more stable and resilient, while still having access to a water supply 450mm below the surface.

The WaterUps Tree Reservoir is based on WaterUps wicking solutions, first introduced in 2016, the benefits of which have been widely verified in a variety of trials and real-world applications.

The benefits of planting a tree with WaterUps are compelling.

See the Difference in Growth

The WaterUps Tree Reservoir was tested through various trials in NSW and ACT over an 18-month period before being made commercially available.

In one side by side comparison of trees planted with WaterUps Tree Reservoir versus trees planted without, 2 of each tree were removed after 3 months to investigate root growth.

The ones planted in WaterUps had more than 50% root growth. They were able to access a deeper water supply that was not at the mercy of surface-level evaporation. It is this approach to planting that we need to create cooler, greener and liveable cities.

The ADVANTAGES of the WaterUps Tree Reservoir
  • 50% increase in root growth in the first 3 months alone!
  • 30% increase in canopy growth year on year for the first 3 years. Trees 2 x larger than trees not planted in our tree reservoir
  • Save 90% on plant stock. Younger, smaller stock can be used because they establish faster and better
  • 75% reduction in watering schedule for the first 18 months – save labour
  • Up to 80% less water usage than current above ground methods – save water
  • Suitable for all tree species, works in poor / dry soil environments
  • 100% Australian owned and made and 100% Recycled Plastic.

The WaterUps Tree Reservoir keeps young trees alive so they can thrive.

Measurements, Materials and Inclusions

Measuring 400mm (w) x 400mm (d)x 130mm (h), with a 600mm inlet pipe the WaterUps Tree Reservoir is a compact, all-in-one unit that is easy to install. It uses the rapid benefits of wicking to provide the optimal environment for growing trees in the ground.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the WaterUps Tree Reservoir contains 1 wicking cell with 4 feet that you fill with perlite (provided) which create the “wicks”.

The reservoir holds 15 L of water that wicks to the soil above, providing optimal moisture where saplings need it the most. It can be installed up to 600mm deep in soil for a range of tree sizes.

The design includes an Anti-tamper Lid so only authorised personnel with a reservoir key can open the lid and add water and or nutrient solutions.

Incredible Savings in Time & Money

Whether you are planting a tree out front of your house, on your block of land, or as part of a commercial or council project, watering trees to keep them alive takes time — and when it’s a business — money.  And when you go away on holidays or for extended periods of time, you risk the soil drying out and the tree dying. Back to square one.

Young plants need regular water as their roots are close to the surface where evaporation is constant. For commercial or government tree planting programs, watering a tree via a watering truck costs around $5 per tree in labour. In NSW, the government guidelines for a watering schedule are substantially reduced using WaterUps.

  • 4 x weekly for the 1st month. (WaterUps = 1 x weekly)
  •  3 x weekly for 2nd and 3rd months (WaterUps = 1 x fortnightly)
  •  2 x weekly for the outstanding establishment period (15 more months) (WaterUps = 1 x fortnightly).

COST SAVINGS per TREE over 18-months establishment $585

With a looming climate emergency, trees planted in the WaterUps Tree Reservoir can establish deep roots quickly to draw on deep moisture and to be more secure in heavy rain events.


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Planting a tree with the WaterUps Tree Reservoir brochure
Use for Statement Pots

The WaterUps Tree Reservoir is also a versatile solution for delivering the benefits of wicking, rapid growth, and optimal plant health to pot and planter installations, including trees grown in statement pots. With no modifications, it can make self- watering planters out of:

  • Any square planter larger than 400 x 400mm
  • Any round planters larger than 600mm in diametre