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A Sustainable Approach to Garden Watering

WaterUps® water wicking cells were originally designed with the landscaper in mind. We were looking for an easier way to construct garden “wicking beds”, so that both landscapers and DIY gardeners would be encouraged use them. Our vision was driven by a desire to encourage the growth of edible plants and improve the quality of our urban green spaces, while at the same time saving water. WaterUps® is a unique product, based on the age-old concept of water wicking. Water Wicking is an extremely efficient garden watering method.

What are WaterUps®?

The WaterUps® from Down Under water wicking cell is an Australian designed and manufactured product that can be used in a wide variety of garden and landscape watering environments.

Benefits of Wicking

  • Saves water and reduces water waste
  • Significantly less time spent watering
  • Encourages deep root growth producing healthier plants
  • Reduces evaporation and weed growth

Members of Master Landscapers Association of NSW/ACT

WaterUps® were designed by landscapers for landscapers, which is why we are actively involved in the LNA. To become a WaterUps® preferred Installer and for Trade Applications, go to our dedicated Landscapers page. Click here

100% Sustainable

The WaterUps® wicking system has received industry acknowledgement of its water saving benefits and has satisfied a range of other sustainability criteria. This has resulted in WaterUps® receiving accreditation from:-

  • Smart Approved WaterMark
  • EcoSpecifier Global
  • WA Water Corporation Waterwise
  • Sustainable Choice
“After 2 weeks the WaterUps® bed is showing significant growth and vigour. The control bed using standard spray irrigation watered approx. every 2 days is half the size. I’m really loving the WaterUps! Not having to water every second day is terrific and lettuce is going gangbusters.” – Robyn Sharp, Orange NSW
“I strongly recommend Waterups® from DownUnder wicking system.” – Dr. Penny Adams, Sydney
“The ease and infrequency of watering works very well and enables us to leave the garden untendered for weeks at a time .” – Reginald Whiteley, Sydney
“I love my WaterUps® wicking bed. It has made me realise just how easy it is to grow your own food.” – Genevieve, Byron Bay NSW
“With my eWood® bed and WaterUps®, this is the best celery and rocket I have ever grown.” – Therese, Wagga Wagga NSW

Latest Blog Posts

At WaterUps® we are committed to keeping you informed about sustainable garden watering using the wicking method. Our blog will include information about major new WaterUps® wicking bed installations and company news. We will also tell you about new developments in soils science and gardening techniques as far as they relate to wicking.

Reducing water use and watering frequency with Wicking Beds

    Day of planting   Tomato plants at 1 month   Tomato plants at 2 months   Bearing fruit Looking at our tomato plants from our last post consider the following. Conventional thinking is that: In the early growing season, for about the 1st 4 weeks after planting your...

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Why a WaterUps® wicking bed is best for growing tomatoes

Tomatoes (“Lycopersicon Esculentum”) fruit best when they have a consistent soil moisture level. They are also thirsty plants. According to Ohio State University, they need around 38mm of water each week to fruit. Therefore, if you are using conventional above ground watering method, maintaining an even and consistent moisture level can mean watering both in the morning and the evening.

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Understanding your soil and the wicking process

Soil is the key to the wicking process. It is the heartbeat of the garden, teaming with life, nutrients, water and air. The health of your soil is the source of abundant, nutrient rich food and important to ensuring that your WaterUps® wicking bed operates optimally.

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