WaterUps® is the sustainable approach to garden watering, bringing 21st century technology to the age old concept of wicking.

Wicking uses the science of capillary action to water your garden using a water reservoir located under the soil.

Why use wicking?

  • Wicking saves up to 80% of the water normally used in the garden.
  • Once you fill the reservoir, your garden bed is self sufficient and waters itself for up to a month.
  • By watering from below, your plants develop stronger roots and grow better.

Introducing WaterUps®

The WaterUps from Down Under water wicking cell is an Australian designed and manufactured product that can be used in a wide variety of watering situations. The wicking cells are modular in nature to allow them to be custom fitted to the shape and size of any growing environment large or small.

If need be, they can also be cut or shaped to work in all manner of growing containers, gardens or landscape designs.

It’s time for a different approach to garden watering

Given the challenges confronting us with climate change, we have to be much more efficient in the use of our scarce water resources. WaterUps® provides the perfect solution for saving water in our gardens and growing healthy plants. This video shows you the diverse range of potential applications for WaterUps wicking cell technology.