Amazing Gardens


WaterUps makes growing plants and creating amazing gardens simple and affordable.

WaterUps is ideal for novice gardeners
through to landscape professionals.

Made and manufactured in Australia, and used in thousands of gardens,
WaterUps® is a 21st century take on an age-old wisdom – wicking.

Enhanced from R&D across Australia, WaterUps delivers better results for EVERY GARDENER and EVERY GARDEN– saving water, saving time, producing healthier plants and combating climate change.

Home Gardens

Explore our ready to go wicking systems, mobile garden beds, food kits and garden covers. 

Community Gardens

Create productive gardens to feed local families and foster community involvement. 


Produce more sustainable, bountiful and healthier crops using less water and labour. 

Landscape Architects

Deliver long-lasting, thriving gardens with our sub-irrigation channels with automatic top-up. 

Nursery Growers

Improve the quality and flowering yield of your stock by up to 40 %. 

Aid Organisations

Help refugees become more self-sufficient through fresh, camp-grown food options. 

Property Developers

Provide stunning rooftop, interior and exterior gardens to cool buildings, clean air and boost sustainability. 

Local Government

Green streets with rain gardens, planters and reservoirs that save water and maintenance. 

Schools & ELCs

Teach kids to be sustainable and how to grow food through curriculum subjects. 

Explore Our Range

From a single square planter on wheels to Australia’s best perlite, portable raised garden beds, complete food garden set-ups, and extensive sub-irrigation channels, we’ve got everything that the home or commercial gardener needs. 

Catch Up with WaterUps


Book an Inhouse Training Session to get up to speed on WaterUps, our ongoing R&D, and the consulting services we offer commercial clients. 

Why WaterUps?

Save Water

WaterUps uses 20% of  the water of drip irrigation and can capture rainwater for future use. 

100% Scalable

WaterUps works in small pots, raised garden beds and nearly any creative garden design.

Australian Made

High quality solutions made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic & 100% Available.

Less Maintenance

WaterUps delivers healthier home and commercial gardens with less worry and maintenance.

WaterUps Environmental Impact

Kilograms of PLASTIC diverted from landfill

Litres of WATER saved compared to conventional watering

Our People

Meet our Founder, Ian Collins, and discover how this country boy, returned to his roots.

Home Gardening Tips

Learn what to plant for the coming season and how WaterUps helps turbocharge the growing of vegetables and herbs while also extending their season.

Latest News

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