21st century technology for sustainable watering

World leaders in wicking technology

Watering from below

Saving water and maintenance time

Urban greening will protect our climate

Growing healthier plants naturally

Promoting food security

Modern wicking makes WaterUps® a truly sustainable irrigation system

  • Save Water
  • Save Time
  • Grow Healthier Plants

WaterUps® wicking products

  • are Australian made from recycled plastic
  • are modular and scalable so they can be used in small, medium, and large growing spaces
  • combat water waste with low tech sustainable watering solutions
  • help overcome drought and increasing water use restrictions

Kilograms of plastic diverted from landfill

Litres of water saved compared to conventional watering

It’s time to fundamentally rethink plant watering

Given the challenges confronting us with climate change, we have to be much more efficient in the use of our scarce water resources. WaterUps® provides the perfect solution for saving water, time, and growing healthy plants. Our video shows you the diverse range of potential applications for WaterUps® wicking cell technology.


Waterups® can play an important role in landscape design. Offering sustainable planning to help you save water and make urban greenspaces much easier to maintain, whether you’re working on a small residential balcony or large-scale commercial developments and civil works.

Schools & ELC's

Involving students in food gardens is a rewarding and educational experience with academic, social, and environmental benefits. Working with Waterups® to create sustainable gardens helps them develop knowledge and skills for sustainable living.

Public Spaces

Community gardens are a great way to bring people together, grow food, and reconnect with nature. Waterups® has significant involvement in the community garden sector. We have also worked with a number of local government bodies on other urban greening projects such as streetscapes and CBD areas. 

Landscape Contractors

WaterUps® were originally designed with the landscaper in mind. We wanted to offer a product that made it easy for landscapers to install wicking systems. Landscape contractors can apply for access to Trade Pricing on our range of Waterups® wicking bed products? We have some incredible options that will suit any project.

Latest WaterUps® News

Optimal height of a wicking bed depends on what you plant

Optimal height of a wicking bed depends on what you plant

There is only really one rule when it comes to the height of wicking beds. That is, the science of capillary action determines that the vertical wicking distance is generally around 300mm. The actual height of your wicking bed can, however, vary provided you follow this simple rule.

WaterUps® exports to the USA

WaterUps® exports to the USA

We are pleased to be able to announce that we have just shipped a container of 4,500 wicking cells to Texas in the United States. This is our first major export order. The wicking cells will be used in the extension of greenhouse operations at a commercial tomato...

WaterUps® launches its new pre-moulded reservoir liner

WaterUps® launches its new pre-moulded reservoir liner

Wicking beds use a water reservoir below the soil to water the plants above via capillary action. Making the reservoir water-tight can require a bit of effort in folding a sheet of pond liner to cover the base and internal walls of your raised bed. WaterUps® have made...

Dredge rivers, mine scoria or recycle plastic for your wicking bed?

Dredge rivers, mine scoria or recycle plastic for your wicking bed?

Permaculture design teaches us to think about the problem and make it the solution. So, I decided to think a little more about the various ways in which people construct their wicking beds. River sand is more widely available than scoria, but it is probably less functional than scoria as

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