WaterUps Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed


  • Introducing the compact yet impactful WaterUps Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed — the perfect solution for limited-space gardening.
  • Say goodbye to the tedious watering schedules that plague small-space gardeners. Our wicking system does the work for you.
  • Crafted from durable Colorbond steel, the Oasis 1240 is an all-in-one, self-sustaining unit that brings robustness to even the most confined gardens.
  • Ready to turn even the smallest patch into a thriving garden?

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Think you don't have enough room for a lush, self-watering garden? Think again! Meet the WaterUps Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed.

Space constraints often make it challenging to maintain a healthy, well-watered garden. 

The Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed offers a compact, self-watering system that frees you from the constant need to water, without compromising on your garden's vitality. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Robust Build: Manufactured from premium Australian Colorbond steel with top and bottom capping rails for unparalleled durability. 
  • Efficient Watering: State-of-the-art wicking system that hydrates your plants from below, ensuring minimal water loss through evaporation. 
  • Safe and Sleek Design: Die-cast bevelled corners provide a safe, edge-free design, making it a perfect fit for any setting. 

While the Oasis 1240 is compact, don’t underestimate its performance. It's an ideal way to delve into the world of efficient, self-watering gardening without taking up too much room.

Eager to make the most of your limited garden space? Order your Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed today and transform how you garden forever. 

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 405 × 350 mm

Inclusions / Exclusions

  • 1 x Oasis 1240 steel frame
  • 1 x 1240 reservoir liner
  • 3 x WaterUps wicking cells
  • 1 x inlet pipe & cap
  • 1 x long overflow pipe & rubber seal and extender pipe

Please note: Perlite sold separately and you will now need 6 x 25L (150L) bags of good quality potting mix or potting soil to fill the Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed.