WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover – for Oasis 1240


  • Introducing the WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover – designed to flourish with your Oasis 1240.
  • Struggling with unruly climbers or pest problems? Here’s your robust yet lightweight solution.
  • Elevate your growing potential with 1.8 metres of vertical space, while keeping it effortlessly manageable and adaptable.
  • Ready to stretch your garden’s possibilities?

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Your garden deserves to grow sky-high and hassle-free. Say hello to WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover for Oasis 1240.

Dealing with limited room for your plants? Fretting over pests making a buffet out of your garden?

The Flexi Garden Bed Cover, a collaborative masterpiece by WaterUps and Flexi Garden Frames, is your garden's next must-have. It slots perfectly with your Oasis 1240, offering vertical support that's both lightweight and sturdy.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Vertical Freedom: Maximise your garden with 1.8 metres of vertical growing space. 
  • Australian-Made: Locally designed and manufactured for quality assurance. 
  • Netting-Ready: Comes with 4 Flexi Netting Clips for optional pest protection. 
  • Seamless Integration: Specifically built to complement your Oasis 1240 wicking bed kit.

To bring out the best in your vertical garden, consider attaching the optional netting for advanced pest protection.

New to vertical gardening or the WaterUps ecosystem? This Flexi Garden Bed Cover is a seamless and beginner-friendly addition to your Oasis 1240.

Ready to see your garden reach new heights without the usual hassles? Get your WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover today and elevate your Oasis 1240 game! 

Please Note: The Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed will need to be purchased separately and netting is not included with 1240 Flexi Garden Frames.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 910 × 190 × 130 mm

Installation Guide & Specifications Sheets