Raised Garden Beds Sydney

Quality garden beds with inbuilt water wicking systems

Our raised garden beds for sale in Sydney & NSW

Attractive raised garden beds with inbuilt WaterUps wicking are available for sale in Sydney and NSW from the following companies and locations:



Here in our Online Shop

Brookvale NSW 2100
1300 205 550

Product ships via Australia Post within 2 business days of receiving your order.



Hildasid Farm

22 Gregadoo Road
Lake Albert NSW
1300 764 620



Urban Veggie Crew

76 Eton St,
Sutherland NSW 2232
0415 709 591



We sell our Colorbond® Oasis Raised Garden Beds with optional (recommended) WaterUps wicking technology in 2 sizes: 

  • Oasis 1240 – 1270mm(L) x 470mm(W) x 450mm(H) –  in Woodland Grey 
  • Oasis 1680 –1670mm(L) x 870mm(W) x 450mm(H) –  in Woodland Grey, Shale Grey, Pale Eucalypt, and Wallaby 

You can also purchase the full range of Wicking Cell options (see pic.) and  Sub-Irrigation Channels for custom garden bed designs, as well as Food Garden Kits online.

Products ordered online are sent via Australia Post within 2 business days of receipt of order. Products can also be collected from our warehouse (Mon-Sat) post payment with prior arrangement.

Urban Veggie Crew

Urban Veggie Crew uses stable, kiln dried timber – it won’t warp – that has been preserved with an iron oxide and copper-based product.  This treatment makes their raised garden beds durable, food safe, and child friendly. Plus, they come with the necessary WaterUps system installed in the planter of your choice:

  • Narrow: 1.3-2.9+m(L) x 0.6m(W) x 0 .45+ (H)
  • Medium: 1.3-2.9+m(L) x 1 m(W) x 0 .45+ (H)
  • Broad: 1.3-2.9+m(L) x 1.4 m(W) x 0 .45+ (H)
  • High Courtyard: 1.3-2.9+m(L) x 0.6m(W) x 0 .95+ (H)
  • Custom

Urban Veggie Crew can also install raised garden beds in Sydney and Wollongong with prices starting at $650, per the sales list on their website.

Hildasid Farm

This 268-acre community farming enterprise is run by disability services organisation, Kurrajong. Hildasid uses and supplies the range of WaterUps products to the Riverina district. Here, you can buy everything you need for your raised garden beds:  

Timber Raised Garden Beds for sale in Sydney and NSW with WaterUps Wicking system

DIY Raised Garden Beds

You can also create your own custom garden bed out a variety of materials from timber through to plastic faux sleepers, bricks or stone. We provide various tips on our website on how to create your own wicking bed.  

Whichever raised garden bed you make, your plants will perform way better if you incorporate the WaterUps Wicking solution in the base of your bed.

With WaterUps your garden beds will require ONLY 20% of the water of above ground irrigation systems (Source) and produce 40% more yield – making you glad you went with WaterUps.

For custom designs, you can work out your WaterUps system here by using our handy calculator tool.