Wicking Beds Perth

Inbuilt Wicking technology saves water, boosts plants  

Buying our Raised Garden Beds in Perth

In W.A. our raised garden beds with inbuilt WaterUps Wicking can be purchased through the following Perth outlet and online. 


Little Veggie Patch

Cootamundra Way
Maida Vale WA 6057
0430 109 399




Here in our Online Shop

Product ships via Australia Post within 2 business days of receiving your order.


Little Veggie Patch  

Our West Coast distributor stocks the the following raised garden beds for Perth gardeners and landscapers: 

  • The WaterUps® Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed   
  • The WaterUps® Oasis 1680 Wicking Bed  
  • WaterUps Square Planters 
  • WaterUps wicking cells, sub-irrigation channel, reservoir lines and componentry for custom raised garden beds including quality perlite for the wicking cells  
  • Our recommended range of garden bed covers to keep insects out of your vegetable garden 
  • A range (13 +) Timber Raised Garden Beds, made from treated pine, fully lined the inside for food grade safety, topped with an Australian hardwood for long lasting planters for home vegetable gardens or potted fruit trees. All made to fit the WaterUps wicking system. 

The Little Veggie Patch can provide their raised garden beds as flat pack or install for a fee. They have been using WaterUps wicking solutions for over four years and can attest to its benefits and supply advice on implementation and planting.

Timber Raised Garden Beds with WaterUps Wicking can be bought in Perth from Little Veggie Patch

Ensuring success with your Raised Garden Beds in Perth

Incorporating a WaterUps Wicking set-up into your garden beds is the must have for the Perth environment, particularly its dry hot summers. 

The Wicking technology delivers water under the ground to where plants need it most and overcomes the challenges of surface evaporation through stifling summer days. We of course recommend a mulch cover. 

With WaterUps you’ll only need 20% of the water used in traditional garden beds of the same size and your plants will be more robust and productive.