Sustainable Gardens Matter

Save Water, Boost Yield, Green Cities

Why WaterUps for your next garden


Creating more sustainable gardens has been a key driver for WaterUps from day one. For us, a unique solution that saves water, saves time and grows healthier plants is a major plus for the environment and for people wanting to live more sustainably.

Little did we know that, through our journey to develop the world’s most affordable and scalable wicking technology, we would also deliver a suite of benefits that would resonate with so many.

Here’s what WaterUps delivers.

Healthier Plants, Healthier Living

For us, growing healthier plants impacts food gardens, plant stock, landscaping and urban greening.

With cost-of-living pressures, WaterUps enables more people to confidently grow nutritious organic food in their backyard, balcony or community garden – particularly food that is expensive to buy like capsicums, tomatoes and berries. The more we can feed ourselves with better quality food the less we need to transport food and increase global warming. –> More nutritious food at your fingertips.

Creating sustainable gardens with waterUps wicking cells can reduce your water usage by 80%

Improved Plant Yields

In various trials, WaterUps has proven its ability to increase plant yields and extend flowering and fruiting seasons. One study by Australian horticulturist and gardening expert, Angus Stewart, recorded a 40% increase in plant yields. –> More fruit, vegetables, flowers and growth.

Simply put, WaterUps creates healthier plants at the cellular level as water and nutrients are readily absorbed by plants where they need it most – through their roots. This benefits not just home gardeners, but nursery growers and commercial landscapers as plants perform in optimal conditions

Research Trials show WaterUps uses less water for those wanting to create Sustainable Garden Beds

Saves Water Costs

WaterUps uses 20% of the water of surface irrigated gardens, (using spray or drip irrigation).
–> This is a massive water saving in terms of water usage – critical, during times of drought and water restrictions. – but also, in terms of cost because up to half a residential household’s water bill can go on gardens. WaterUps can also be connected to rainwater capture systems through piping so WaterUps can help extend the capacity of tanks, saving future water costs.

Gardening Freedom

Plants in WaterUps wicking beds are watered via the wicks in the water reservoir under the soil. Water usage, therefore, is more efficient and there is far less evaporation. As a result, the WaterUps reservoir only needs to be topped up when the reservoir level is low. This means your garden can go for long periods without you needing to water it – i.e., top up the reservoir. Depending on the plants, container size and season, this could be 4 – 6 weeks. Other times it would be more frequent but still much less than traditional watering.

So, the big plus with WaterUps is plants won’t die when you are away and there’s no need to get someone to water the garden. This is also a fantastic benefit for commercial gardeners, council gardeners, property managers and landscapers. An automated smart app to top up the wicking reservoir is coming soon.
–> More free time.

100% Recycled Plastic

WaterUps makes for more sustainable gardens because the WaterUps wicking cells are made from 100%% recycled plastic. It is generally considered that polypropylene will last for 20 to 30 years underground. As of the start of 2022 WaterUps had diverted 124,416 Kg of plastic from land fill. Why is this such a big deal?

Plastic is the third most produced man-made material, behind only steel and concrete. Half of plastic becomes waste after four years and only 9% is recycled, according to the University of California, Because of this there is an urgent need for more plastic solutions like WaterUps so plastic can be put to productive use. This is a key part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 12. –> Plastic being used for good.

Australian Made – Always Available

WaterUps is a quality Australian innovation conceived and manufactured in Sydney. The wicking cells are made from polypropylene plastic, engineered to provide the necessary strength to support soil, plants and small-scale horticultural machinery above. This means they will be strong and durable for decades under the ground.

Supply is guaranteed. –> Quality Australian product.

Angus Stewart is a fan of WaterUps' sustainable gardens

Professional Endorsement

“My hat is off to you as one of the up and coming Australian companies that is leading the way in creating a much more sustainable future for gardeners and professional horticulturists like myself.

Not only are your products innovative and use recycled materials in production, they are also being manufactured here. But most of all the system works a treat in not only saving water, but also allowing plants to grow to their full productive potential. Keep up the great work!”

Angus Stewart, professional gardener and horticulturalist, writer and media presenter



Our wicking beds deliver unlimited scalability from a small pot to any garden design with multiple sub-irrigation channels to store and capture water.
–> Any sized garden.

Ready to go Offerings

Our ready to go range includes two raised garden beds on wheels, a complete food garden set-up with worm farm, and pots with climbing structures for balconies and full netting options.–> Quick & easy.

Suits All Gardens

WaterUps can be used in home gardens, landscaped gardens, roof-top gardens, street planters, rain gardens, council gardens, community and school gardens, nurseries and horticulture. –> Makes every garden better.

Landscapers Love it

With WaterUps landscapers can implement 21ˢᵗ century sustainable gardens that are low-maintenance, cost-effective, long-lasting and continue to look good.
–> The vision lives on.

Combats Climate Change

WaterUps overcomes many climate challenges through using less water, enabling greener, cooler buildings and cities and through the plant reservoir system being able to capture excess rainwater, minimising water wastage.
–> More Sustainable.

Food Security

WaterUps improves food security by making it easier to grow your own food . We also want to be able to provide WaterUps food gardens to those who are most insecure through profits from WaterUps sales.
–> Feed the world.

WaterUps is key to creating sustainable gardens.

WaterUps enables people to do the right thing by themselves and the planet and is a product whose time has come.