I have been road testing WaterUps® for almost a year in a commercial scale urban farm I am involved in at the Edible Precinct at Mac Point in Hobart. I have found the product to be extremely easy to install and use, it is  very strong and durable and there are no moving parts making it an elegantly simple concept. In my experience it is as good as it gets as a wicking bed system and I can highly recommend it.

Angus Stewart

Gardening with Angus

As a new company, developing and commercialising, this very exciting horticulture concept called Wicking Garden Beds, I have very much come to deeply respect the WaterUps® style of operating!

WaterUps® re in a stage of deep research into all the aspects of wicking beds.  They are open to all ideas about wicking, and then they go away and test and research it in real gardens, in real time, with real people

The WaterUps® system of interlocking cells to create a water storage tank, at the base of almost any garden bed, large or small, has opened up the possibility for anyone to create or retrofit food gardens, to become Self Watering Gardens.

I am impressed that a large proportion of their cell system, is made from Recycled Plastic, and made here in Australia

I have trialled their Wicking Cell system here at our Kimbriki Eco House & Garden Education Centre, and they are terrific! They are easy to install, they work extremely well, they are very robust and I am sure will be very long lasting.

Again though, as WaterUps® staff & myself are quick to agree with, any wicking garden is only as good as the soil/growing medium that is used in it!

Peter Rutherford

Ecologist, Eco House and Garden, Kimbriki

I installed the WaterUps® wicking beds in winter and I am so glad I did it. The wicking beds have been a great help with the new water restrictions. My beds only takes 15 mins max to fill up the whole reservoir and in the dry summer, I am only topping it up every 3-4 weeks. The only hand watering I need to do is when I put in new seedlings. I am looking forward to installing more in the future.

Nita Lo

Sydney Edible Garden Trail

I love my WaterUps® garden beds. Particularly, in these days of water restrictions. I’m confident that my summer veggies of basil, lettuce, rocket and tomatoes will continue to thrive.

Fiona Hall


…report on the extensive Wicking system in the roof garden you installed for us three years ago – the contents of which are now entering their third season. The Wicking devices you installed in each pot have fully met our expectations. The ease and infrequency of watering works very well and enables us to leave the garden untendered for weeks at a time whiles we holiday or visit our interstate family members. The low use of water (compared with neighbours with similar but normal roof gardens) is a very helpful feature of the wicking system. The secondary feature is that water does not leak through pots, but is stored and used “on demand” by plants. This really means far less need for regular, sometimes daily watering.

Reginald Whiteley


In winter last year I created my own wicking bed using WaterUps®I’ve grown garlic, rocket, radishes and tomatoes so far, and all thrived or are thriving. I intend to convert more of my beds to wicking beds using this system over the next few years. As gardening becomes increasingly tough, I believe these wicking beds could make a real difference.

Penny Woodward

Author & Horticultural Editor, ABC Organic Gardener Magazine

Ian and the team at WaterUps® have been amazing. Not only helping set-up their versatile wicking bed systems in our raised garden beds but also by running installation demonstrations for our volunteers at our urban farm. Very knowledgeable team and a great passion for water conservation.

Michael Zagoridis

Pocket City Farms

Ian from WaterUps from Down Under provided our community services site a fantastic edible garden back in June 2019. Since the edible garden was installed we have had level 4 water restrictions and most of our other gardens did not survive, but the edible garden thrived and continued to produce fantastic delicious produce. Clients and staff love picking herbs and vegetables from the garden whilst on site.

Over the Christmas break, the site was closed and I was surprised to see the garden still thriving considering the extreme temperatures we had in the area and the lack of attention the garden received over this time.

Thank you Waterups we love our easy to maintain edible garden.

Carlea Calder

Mission Australia

I’ve also always dreamed of being able to grow all my own vegetables. But I thought I was years away from being able to afford the giant walled veggie garden I imagined this would require. As I discovered last year, I was wrong. And it’s all thanks to my six WaterUps® veggie wicking beds.

Jules Clancy

Stone Soup

We have been watering the school garden a lot less, and the 2 WaterUps® wicking beds we fitted are putting in an impressive show in comparison to the others with these water restrictions.The kids regularly check the beds with a soil moisture meter and obviously the wicking beds always give great results. It’s been a great learning experience for all. As we have been very conservative with watering, given the restrictions, the wicking beds are the only ones giving produce!

Thornleigh West Public School


WaterUps® wicking cells have been such a great product to work with. I have installed lots of wicking beds and have been amazed at how versatile the cells can be in all sorts of situations. Having garden beds using the WaterUps® wicking cells is the future for growing both vegetables and ornamentals and saving water whilst doing so.

Josh Vild

JV Landscaping