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WaterUps wicking saves water and time

Home Gardens perform better with WaterUps


Home gardens can be more beautiful, more bountiful, easier to manage and less costly thanks to WaterUps.

Our wicking solutions help with growing your own food and maintaining beautiful ornamental or tropical gardens in raised garden beds, planters or in the ground.

With WaterUps your plants are watered from the bottom up, drawing water up as they need it due to the unique wicking technology of WaterUps. This article explains how a WaterUps wicking system works.

Why use WaterUps in your home garden?

Save 80% of your water, save time.

The first advantage for home gardens is that when using WaterUps® in raised planters they use 20% of the water normally used with surface watering. See the research here. That’s an 80% saving of your water! For a typical Australian household with a garden, at least 40% of water is used outdoors, much of this on watering their plants. This cuts your overall water costs down by over 30% if you have WaterUps installed in your entire garden. And, if you are doing hand watering, it cuts your time spent watering down as well.

Because the WaterUps system uses a reservoir of water under the ground, it does not suffer from evaporation loss. All the water is used directly by the plants. You only need to top up the water reservoir when the water is very low. In other words, you water far less often.

Plus, with WaterUps you don’t have to contend with top-down irrigation issues like nozzles blocking up and other parts breaking or not working, ants building nests in drain holes.

You can also use WaterUps in the ground if you don’t want to go to the expense of raised garden beds.

WaterUps will drought proof your garden.

In La Nina times, where there is persistent rainfall, WaterUps beds also function particularly well because the overflow system prevents the soil from becoming water logged.

Grow Healthier Plants

With WaterUps you will be able to grow healthier plants because the system maintains a consistent and optimal moisture level in the soil. This helps improve plant cell structure with nutrient take-up. It makes plants stronger and faster growers.

Trials by Angus Stewart have shown it increases the yield of flowering plants and vegetable crops. Click here to go to Angus Stewart’s Kangaroo Paw Study.

No Messy Runoff

WaterUps makes it easy to deliver the right amount of water to pots and planters without messy runoff from the drip trays. We offer a range of planter boxes to meet your home garden needs:

Two of these raised beds (the Square Planter and the Oasis 1240) can come on wheels, making it easy for you to move your garden bed around during the seasons, to have your favourite herbs within reach or the scent of flowers next to an open window.

No Holiday Angst, No Dead Plants on Return

WaterUps protect pots and planters and garden beds from drying out when you are away on holidays. Depending on how long you are away and your plants, you will not need to ask a friend or neighbour to water your pot plants while you are away, the reservoir will do it for you. For those who take great pride in their gardens, this means you can return from holidays to a garden that is healthy and thriving not wilting and dying.

You don’t have to spend time in your garden as soon as you get home trying to save your plants. In the same way, for those people with a week-end property, it saves you being a slave to your garden as it can go for longer periods without watering or maintenance.

Live Better with Sustainable Organic Food

WaterUps provides you with the means to grow your own organic vegetables, likely of higher nutritional value than what you can buy in the supermarket.

We have partnered with Flexi Garden Frames Australia to provide custom garden covers to protect your vegetables from insects, rodents, and mould issues. We have also partnered with Tumbleweed to provide a range of composting solutions so you can have a truly sustainable garden. See our Food Garden Kits for further details.

Creative Home Gardens

WaterUps wicking cells are a modular product that can be used in any size or shaped garden, in custom raised garden beds in front verges, in large tree tubs and terraced garden beds.

In any application they will help you deliver an amazing garden that flourishes while requiring less water and work.

Take Advantage of Rainwater

WaterUps lets you catch and store rainwater for irrigation instead of draining it away. In bouts of heavy rainfall – as we’ve seen a lot in recent months in Australia – the excess water will drain down through your WaterUps bed and be stored in the reservoir with excess then flowing out.

For raised garden beds or inground system, WaterUps can be fitted to downpipes and home tank systems to extend your total water storage capacity.

In NSW this can contribute to Basix requirements for new builds and renovations. A 1m 2 WaterUps wicking bed can hold up to 51 litres of water. This again will save on your watering costs.

Turbocharge Border Screening

For home gardens that want fast growing plants to provide a green screen for privacy or to hide an ugly fence or outlook, Waterups in our raised Oasis 1240 will help you turbocharge your border plants, like heliconia, muraya, viburnum (Emerald Lustre), even Brazilian Cloak and bamboo.

They also make fast work of making a retainer wall. You can also opt to do custom designs using our sub-irrigation channel.

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Wicking is the way to go for home gardens and home gardeners.

WaterUps Wicking Solutions are made from 100% Australian recycled plastic.

As a company we invest heavily in research and development and thus provide affordable wicking solutions and gardening tips that deliver superior results.