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WaterUps inbuilt wicking technology delivers multiple benefits

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Modern Landscape designs have much to gain from WaterUps Wicking — an Australian innovation perfect for landscape architects working across residential and commercial projects

Our unique wicking solution provides an environmentally sustainable solution for landscape architects and a low maintenance, water-saving outcome for landscapers. WaterUps is being used in Australia, Canada and America, providing healthier gardens in a variety of environments and climatic conditions. The system helps any type of garden perform better including ornamental, native, tropical, food and succulent gardens. 

On this page you can discover how our solutions have advanced the power of wicking in gardening. Here you can find landscape architects and installers already working with WaterUps 

Below you can explore how landscape architects can reap the rewards of using WaterUps. 

Why use WaterUps?

Unlimited Creative Scope

WaterUps is the world’s first modular and scalable wicking solution enabling Landscape Architects to create stunning designs of various shapes, sizes, in pots, raised garden beds or planters, in-ground systems, rooftop gardens and much more.

For irregular shaped designs (circles, octagonals, triangles, hexagons etc.) our wicking cells can be cut to fill lay-outs to maximise the wick-ability of any garden design. Our Sub-irrigation channel can be used in long-garden beds, on tiered slopes, in retaining walls and border gardens. They can also be dropped into existing planters as a very easy retrofit.

Fulfil Creative Vision

WaterUps enables your creative vision to live on as intended due to the wicking beds providing the optimal water conditions and growing environment while requiring minimal maintenance.

Because plants draw water and nutrients in at the root level according to the plant’s needs, plants develop better cell structure, are stronger and healthier. This promotes vibrant growth, more extensive flowering, and fruiting seasons.

Plants and gardens with WaterUps Wicking beds will survive year after year fulfilling client objectives.

Saves Water, Saves Costs

Trials conducted in Sydney in Spring of 2018 showed that WaterUps in raised garden beds use 20% of the water of conventional surface watering systems. When used in in-ground watering systems they save 34% of the water usage and costs and water a 60% larger area due to sideways wicking.

This is an important factor for Landscape architects as it enables you to provide a solution – which might be marginally more expensive up front – however over the life of the garden will save clients a substantial amount of money along with far greater convenience and more stunning plant displays

Lightweight, Long Lasting

All of the WaterUps wicking technology is extremely lightweight while being extremely durable. The products are made in Sydney from 100% recycled plastic. When designing the products, we ensured their integrity by thorough engineering and field testing. WaterUps provides a quality solution that landscape architects can trust.

WaterUps enables landscape designs to last thanks to the wicking water management technology

Easy & Fast to Install

WaterUps makes installing our wicking beds for larger applications easy thanks to the WaterUps Sub-Irrigation Channel and reservoir inserts.  This negates the need to install pond liners, making it fast work to install WaterUps.  For long garden beds  we provide an extension kit to click our channels together, while having a single inlet pipe.

Reduced Installation & Maintenance Costs

This speed of installation will reduce your installation costs. Ongoing maintenance costs will be much less due to the following key factors:

  • No ongoing costs or dead plants because parts of the irrigation system, like nozzle sprays, clog up and stop working.
  • The wicking reservoir provides an ample supply of watering, so clients who require ongoing gardening maintenance and watering services will not need to water their gardens as much with WaterUps.

Rainwater Capture

WaterUps complies with BASIX rain retention requirements for new NSW developments. The WaterUps® wicking cell system holds 1,000L for every 10m2. This enables gardens to extend their water holding capacity and maximise their above ground space without large tanks taking up valuable room and not beautifying a space. You can read more about that here.

Automation of Wicking Watering

We are currently finalising the development of a water sensor for our WaterUps system that will allow our wicking beds to either be automatically refilled when empty or for the gardener or maintenance team to be alerted via an app when refilling is required.  

Green Lawns

The WaterUps sub-irrigation channel can also be installed under lawns to create an extensive tank system as well as optimal under turf hydration. This saves people the requirement of using lawn sprinklers that are prone to evaporation.

Rooftop Gardens / Green Buildings 

WaterUps is the ideal solution for rooftop gardens where exposure to sun and wind put additional stress on plants.

Street Planters

Designers can use the wicking cells or sub-irrigation channel in custom garden bed designs, or they can go planter boxes and street furniture that has WaterUps wicking cells included. Suppliers are PlantaBox, Street Furniture Australia, Draffin and Satu Bumi. We also produce a custom range of stainless steel planters for trees. By using WaterUps in green space designs, the garden beds can capture and store rainfall, reducing ongoing water requirements and costs.

Sustainability Accreditation

By being made from 100% recycled plastic and saving up to 80% of water, WaterUps meets a number of sustainability criteria. If you were to add increasing urban greening and cooling rooftops to the equation, then WaterUps is by far one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products around. 

TLA Member Benefits

WaterUps is a member of TLA, the Landscape Association in NSW, and provides trade pricing to all registered TLA members. We can also promote members who have gone through our Installation Accreditation briefing here on our site. WaterUps is also a member of the AILA, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

What’s not to love about our solution for landscape designs? 


We see these 13 factors as important and practical ways to help landscape architects develop better landscape designs with the end results being gardens that are easier to make and maintain, and are more sustainable and enduring 


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