WaterUps® Solutions

WaterUps® Solutions

Our Solutions

Using our valuable resources more sustainably is important. Increasing our green spaces and growing more of our own food are being demanded by communities and the individuals who populate them. Local Government is also playing a role in this.

Being more efficient with our water usage is key to this. WaterUps® can help!


Discover the pleasure of feeding your family from your own sustainable garden or create a fantastic low maintenance ornamental garden.



Enhance commercial buildings with rooftop and terrace gardens and incorporate WaterUps® into the built-in planters.

Schools & ELCs

Schools and Early Learning Centres can build garden beds as part of the Sustainable Schools programs.

Public Spaces

Councils are participating with roadside planters, improving the streetscape and council parks.



Urban agriculture and food security are becoming a major focus in the world today. 

Landscape Design

Use WaterUps® to provide a green solution to your clients by incorporating wicking beds in the design.