Wicking Beds

WaterUps Wicking Beds 

Wicking Beds from WaterUps

WaterUps wicking beds are the quick and easy – and cost-effective – way to get a highly productive garden up and running. Whether it’s a thriving vegetable garden or lush greenery that you’re after, you’ll see impressive results in no time. And, unlike other gardening systems, your plants will be longer lasting.

Modular Design

Made in Australia, WaterUps is the world’s most flexible and scalable wicking solution for residential and commercial use.

Less Water

Because of WaterUps efficient wicking system gardens require less water, less often and all round less maintenance

Botanic Gardens

We are the trusted wicking bed solution used by The Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney.

Our standard off-the-shelf wicking beds include a complete WaterUps system inside a durable Colorbond raised garden bed frame, which comes in two sizes and a choice of colours. This is our Oasis range.

Other facades and frame sizes are also available,  including versatile custom options to match your landscaping preferences.

WaterUps wicking beds are quick and easy to install and ensure you gain all the benefits that come with our world-class wicking system which draws the water up to the plant’s roots as it is required. You can learn more about our Wicking technology here and our product components here.

In our Oasis range we provide a complete WaterUps Wicking System:

  • 1 x WaterUps Reservoir Liner
  • WaterUps cells suitable for your raised planter box size
  • 1 x WaterUps inlet pipe and cap
  • 1 x screw overflow pipe

Plus, your Colorbond garden frame of choice. These are made in Australia from Colorbond steel and include top and bottom capping rails for greater wall strength and diecast bevelled corners for safety, ensuring no sharp edges. Our wicking beds include complete instructions for setting up the frame and wicking beds.

WaterUps Oasis 1680 Wicking Bed

Purpose: For gardeners looking for a bigger bed to grow larger plants.

External Size: 1665(L) x 865(W) x 450(H)

WaterUps Cells: 8

Color Swatch:

Pale Eucalypt
Shale Grey
Woodland Grey

Available Colours: Pale Eucalypt, Shale Grey, Wallaby, Woodland Grey

WaterUps Oasis 1240 Wicking Bed

Purpose: For gardeners that don’t have a lot of space

External Size: 1265(L) x 465(W) x 450(H)

WaterUps Cells: 3

Woodland Grey (Woodland Grey Rails

Woodland Grey

Available Colours: Woodland grey

With both wicking beds you just need to add perlite, potting mix, compost, and your plants. Good news is you can BUY PERLITE DIRECT FROM US with your wicking beds purchase. Our perlite is sourced from Western Australia and is premium grade. More Info Here.

The advantages of WaterUps Wicking Beds

WaterUps wicking beds have been designed to make gardening easier, more cost-effective, and productive, while saving you considerable time and money (on watering costs and struggling plants).

The WaterUps wicking bed that is below the surface delivers a number of benefits:

  • Water is where it’s needed – at the source – closer to the plants’ roots, allowing the plant to draw up water as it’s needed.
  • The overflow pipe prevents roots rotting.
  • There is far less water wastage and evaporation (Note we still recommend mulching)
  • Plants are consequently less stressed, (from not enough water)
  • Gardeners only need to top up the reservoir from the inlet pipe when its needed which is significantly less than other methods
  • Homeowners and garden caretakers can leave gardens unattended for a few weeks – even in summer – and return to healthy plants.
  • A smart phone alert can also be set up to tell you when you need to top up your WaterUps Reservoir – or it can be automated at set-up.

Importantly, WaterUps uses 20% of traditional above ground watering volumes (Source) and has been proven to increase yield by 40%. Source.

WaterUps is made in Australia from solid, recycled, long-lasting and non-toxic PP plastic. With its modular design it can be used in small through to very large pots; in raised garden beds or planter boxes; and in a variety of in-ground applications from growing turf to trees, to rain gardens. Our Wicking beds truly are the future of gardening.