Raised Planter Boxes

WaterUps Ready-to-go Planter Boxes

Raised Planter Boxes with inbuilt Wicking


WaterUps offers a range of raised planter boxes to suit the needs of a diverse range of gardeners and landscapers, complete with our highly efficient WaterUps Wicking technology.

Artesian Wicking Planters

Elevate your gardening experience with the WaterUps Artesian Wicking Planters, where style meets sustainability. Handcrafted in Australia, these planters are a symphony of eco-friendly elegance, combining robust COLORBOND® steel and recycled Eco-Board with our advanced wicking technology.

Artesian 0880: Ideal for compact spaces – ORDER NOW

Artesian 1240: Perfect balance of length and width – ORDER NOW

Artesian 2040: Perfect for long thin spaces – ORDER NOW

Artesian 1680: For those who dream big – ORDER NOW

Square Planters

The baby of the range is the WaterUps Square Planter, the ideal solution for small balconies or patios. Made from recycled plastic and measuring 480(L) × 480 (W) × 430(H) mm, it is available in four colours: Monument, Light Grey, Sandstone and Latte.

Our Planters come with a WaterUps wicking cell, inlet and overflow pipes, and a 2L bag of perlite. All you need to do at your end is add potting mix and your plants.

WaterUps Planters are ideal for growing a range of flowering plants for summer long colour, for herbs, chillies and salad greens, vegetables and for small fruiting shrubs or trees like blueberries or limes.


Square Planter Wheel Base

We offer four matching mobile bases for the Square Planters. These heavy duty bases can support up to 80Kg in weight, making moving of your planters child’s play. So, depending on the season – if you want more shade in summer or more sun in winter – or if you want the scent of a plant closer to an open window, for example Gardenias or Daphne, they’re just ideal.

As well, there is an optional Flexible Garden Frame for growing aubergines, tomatoes, capsicum and other plants that need support. (Here’s some great tips on growing tomatoes in our Square Planter.)

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Raised Planter Boxes – Rectangular Options

WaterUps offers the Oasis Colorbond® steel range of raised planter boxes in two sizes:

  • Oasis 1240 – 1270mm(L) x 470mm(W) x 450mm(H) – suitable for smaller spaces or stylish garden borders. Its available in Woodland Grey.
  • Oasis 1680 –1670mm(L) x 870mm(W) x 450mm(H) – great for growing vegetables and larger plants. This size is available in four colours: Woodland Grey, Pale Eucalypt, Shale Grey and Wallaby.

Our Oasis planter boxes have a capping to the top so there is no risk of cutting or injury. This also makes them more rigid.


Both Oasis planter boxes come with all the WaterUps wicking system components to ensure efficient watering of plants and healthier plants.

Oasis 1240 Wheel Base

Just released is our mobile planter base for the Oasis 1240, the narrower of our raised rectangular garden beds.

This mobile base is heavy duty, being able to support up to a massive 200kg in weight.

It’s the perfect solution for:

  • Cafes wanting to provide a temporary (daily) green perimeter on the footpath
  • Courtyards where you may need to move your raised garden bed to hose behind it, get to a drain, or rearrange the furniture
  • For exhibition greenery
  • For pop-up gardens in public spaces, events etc.
Tree Planter Boxes

Our largest raised planter boxes are our Tree Planters measuring 1240mm (L) x 1240 (W) x 950mm (H) and available in aluminium or stainless steel. They come with adjustable feet to ensure level stability.

These are made to order, which means we can provide customisable solutions.

They are suitable for growing trees and can be used as statement pieces around swimming pools and/or for commercial and civic installations to create green streetscapes. These planter boxes are made in Sydney and are used by local councils, to create shadier environments. Complete with the WaterUps wicking system they ensure an ample supply of water in the inbuilt reservoir to nurture tree growth and in some instances the reservoir only needs to be topped up every six weeks.

Other Raised Planter Boxes

We also offer a Sub-Irrigation interconnected Channel solution for long planter boxes, called the SIC. This is popular with property developers and urban horticulturalists. It enables you to install a wicking solution quickly with significantly reduced maintenance time and costs, due to minimal inlet pipes that enable you to water the reservoir under the long garden bed, as needed.

WaterUps can also be used in various custom raised planter boxes due to the modular design of the wicking cell, enabling multiple units to be installed to fill up a raised box design. You can build your own custom garden bed in timber or a number of our distributors and stockists sell their own custom beds or can build beds to your measurements to incorporate WaterUps.

Garden Bed Covers

For those keen to grow edible gardens, WaterUps also offers a Flexi Garden Frame cover for the Oasis 1680 designed to give the garden bed full protection from insects and rodents, delivering a mass of healthy plants as you can see in this VIDEO and the image below which shows chicken wire versus our garden bed cover being used in Tasmania.