Wicking Beds Canberra

WaterUps delivers complete Wicking beds

Where to buy WaterUps Wicking Beds in Canberra

WaterUps Wicking Beds and wicking technology for Canberra gardeners and landscapers can be bought from these Online Suppliers. 


Aquaflo Irrigation Pty Ltd

Unit 4, 23 Essington Street
Mitchell ACT 2911
02 6179 3977




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Product ships via Australia Post within 2 business days of receiving your order.


Aquaflo Irrigation 

Aquaflo Irrigation carries the full range of WaterUps off-the shelf and custom products crucial for the dry Canberra environment that receives minimal rainfall in Summer. Our patented design saves on water usage by up to 80% while nurturing thriving plants in people’s back yards and balconies. 

Visit Aquaflo to buy: 

  • Our Oasis Colorbond® range of raised garden beds with integrated WaterUps wicking system 
  • Our square planter in a variety of colours and 
  • Our Sub-irrigation channel and wicking cells and componentry for custom raised garden bed designs 

Open Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings to midday. 



Canberra gardeners can buy our wicking beds either as individual components (Hyperlink to products page) for custom gardens or as part of our Colorbond Oasis Raised Garden Beds: 

  • Oasis 1680 –1670mm(L) x 870mm(W) x 450mm(H) –  in Woodland Grey, Shale Grey, Pale Eucalypt and Wallaby  
  • Oasis 1240 – 1270mm(L) x 470mm(W) x 450mm(H) –  in Woodland Grey 

The Oasis 1680 is ideal for growing herbs and vegetables, small fruiting trees or larger plants. It has proven its worth with many a home gardener across the ACT providing nourishing food for months on end. 

The Oasis 1240 is for narrower spaces such as terraces and walkways. It can also make fast work out of greening property borders, ensuring optimal watering and growing conditions for screening plants.   

We also sell perlite with our wicking beds which is by far the best medium to use for wicking. We also sell sturdy garden bed covers to keep our animals and pests. 

Online orders are sent from our warehouse in Sydney via Australia Post within 2 business days. All products are made in Australia and readily available. 


WaterUps Colorbond Wicking Beds add longer flowering colour to Canberra gardens

Wicking Beds Canberra Creations

Here on our website, we provide directions on how to set up you own wicking bed as well as creative design inspiration.

With WaterUps watering your wicking beds, your Canberra garden will never look better. Plus, you’ll have more time on your hands to enjoy all that Canberra has to offer.