Garden Bed Covers

Flexi Garden Frames & Netting

Garden Bed Covers that are versatile and durable.

WaterUps garden bed covers are supplied by Flexi Garden Frames, an exciting Australian gardening innovator, whose solutions work in numerous configurations for plants needing climbing support and protection to ensure optimal crop production.

Specifically, we have partnered with Flexi Garden Frames to develop three purpose-built frames and netting for our compact Planter offering and our two Oasis raised gardens beds (1240 or 1680).

For home vegetable gardeners, our garden bed covers provide a reliable solution while helping to improve the quality of your yield. They do this by providing some important benefits.


  • The frames provide a climbing structure for plants that need lifting off the ground to absorb more sunlight and avoid fungus or mildew (tomatoes, climbing beans, aubergines, capsicum, cucumber).
  • They are made from 100% recycled plastic with smooth sides, are durable, long lasting and flexible. This makes them safer and more versatile than wooden stakes which can splinter, deteriorate and rot over time, particularly where inserted into soil.
  • They come with pre-drilled holes for anyone wanting to additional wire supports for plants.
  • Our two biggest frames (for our Colorbond® Wicking Beds) have a rectangular base with legs that sit in the inside corners of the beds. This provides a structure that is level, and can be further secured to the garden beds with screws.
  • When you decided to turn over your vegetable patch the Flexi Garden Frames will save you a lot of hassle as you can easily lift it off your garden bed and pop back on after you have replanted your WaterUps garden bed. There are no stakes to get in the way while you are working and no having to bang stakes into the ground taking up valuable undersoil root space. Alternatively, you could reconfigure the frame to a different shape and use elsewhere in the garden.
  • Importantly, they provide a height clearance of 1.8 m above the soil, making them ideal for plants like corn or small fruiting trees that need more head room when covered.


  • Our netting provides shade protection for delicate plants, like basil from being scorched in hot months,
  • It creates a more temperate microclimate, which can be more conducive to growing many plants, speeding up the growing process.
  • It is made in Australia, is high quality and has a special UV coating ensuring it is long lasting.
  • The small 2mm woven HDPE insect exclusion netting is designed to keep out fruit flies.
  • Of course, it will deter other insects and creatures that you don’t want around your food garden like moths, butterflies, grubs, grasshoppers, hungry birds or ducks and night feeders like possums, rats and bats. Safeguarding your salad greens, herbs and crucifer plants (cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini) definitely makes gardening more rewarding.
  • The frames are inserted inside the planters to ensure a snug and practical fit. Clips are also available and included with some packages to firmly secure the nets to the Oasis Garden Bed sides.

Our Range of Garden Bed Covers

Currently we offer three frames and with custom netting solutions (most sold separately) for our WaterUps Planter and for our Oasis line of Colorbond raised garden beds

The WaterUps® Tall Square Planter Growing Frame

Netting purchased separately.

WaterUps® Flexi Garden Bed Cover – for Oasis 1240

Netting purchased separately.

WaterUps® Flexi Garden Bed Cover – for Oasis 1680

Netting to fit.

See the difference in results

Renowned gardening author presenter, Angus Stewart demonstrates the difference our garden frames and netting have made to his vegetable garden beds in the comparison of like for like vegetables, but different garden bed covers. As you can see from the abundant food supply in this video, it’s worth every cent.