Raised Garden Beds

With WaterUps inbuilt wicking technology

Raised Garden Beds – Quality, Australian Made


Our range of raised garden beds delivers extensive options for home and commercial gardeners, all while including the best wicking technology available – WaterUps.

This adds up to less time, maintenance and water costs – a massive 80% saving compared to surface watering – and much healthier plants. It is the essential gardening tech that every garden needs. See the research results further down this page.

Made in Australia and readily available across Australia and online, our raised garden beds create thriving food gardens and greener cities. (For international availability please send us a message via our Contact page.)

To cater for a wide variety of tastes and requirements, WaterUps has also teamed up with leading providers of street and architectural furniture to offer water efficient, garden beds for commercial and landscape applications.

Explore our range of raised garden beds and the variety of facades and options available, including custom sizes and optional roller bases.

WaterUps 1680 Artesian Wicking Planter

Artesian Wicking Planters

Our Artesian Wicking Planters bring a sustainable edge to your garden. These Australian-made planters integrate our advanced wicking technology, offering up to 80% water efficiency. Easy to assemble and available in multiple sizes and colors, they’re perfect for every space.

Artesian 0880: Ideal for compact spaces – ORDER NOW

Artesian 1240: Perfect balance of length and width – ORDER NOW

Artesian 2040: Perfect for long thin spaces – ORDER NOW

Artesian 1680: For those who dream big – ORDER NOW

Colorbond Raised Garden Beds

Made from Colorbond® steel with top and bottom capping rails for durability and bevelled corners for safety. Available in 4 colours (Pale Eucalypt, Shale Grey, Wallaby, Woodland Grey) depending on size.

Two sizes:

Oasis 1680 –1670mm(L) x 870mm(W) x 450mm(H) – ideal for raised vegetable gardens

Oasis 1240 – 1270mm(L) x 470mm(W) x 450mm(H) – ideal for balconies or garden borders [ Woodland Grey only]

WaterUps Wicking Bed technology fully included. Easy to self-assemble.

Popular Add-ons:

Garden covers, nets and frames

Timber Raised Garden Beds featuring WaterUps Wicking technology to save on watering

Timber Garden Beds

WaterUps also has Reservoir Liners (1600x800mm), made from 100% recycled Polypropylene, for user in timber garden beds along with our wicking cells.

The following companies can provide raised timber garden beds with the WaterUps Wicking System

Adelaide – Adelaide Hills Veggie Gardens

Melbourne – Mr Fox in a Box

Sydney – Urban Veggie Crew

Brisbane – Aqualess

Perth – Little Veggie Patch

Refer to individual stockist pages for more examples of bespoke timber garden beds, including raised and mobile options

Corrugated Iron Raised Garden Beds featuring WaterUps Wicking technology in to grow healthier plants

Custom Raised Garden Beds

For landscapers or home gardeners wanting larger, custom, raised garden beds, WaterUps has a sub irrigation channel that measures 1340 x 470 x 160mm, enabling ANY LENGTH GARDEN BED to have our wicking solution, thanks to easy interconnection.

The garden bed can be made out of timber or synthetic wood, corrugated iron, brick or stone.

For DIY timber garden beds, we recommend timber sleepers, Ironwood® Sienna sleepers (treated with MicroPro®) and Cypress pine sleepers. We do not recommend CCA treated pine due to leaching issues. You can order the WaterUps Wicking system to suit your custom timber frame. See here for instructions.

Aluminium Raised Garden Bed

This is an attractive and durable square aluminium planter box primarily developed for local government and civil applications including growing trees.

Made in Sydney from Aluminium sheeting, our standard model is 1240mm (L) x 1240 (W) x 950mm (H).

It includes the WaterUps wicking system capable of holding 172 litres of water (on average would only need to be topped up 8 times a year), a central hidden overflow system for greater aesthetics and adjustable feet. Send us a message if you want more information  or are keen to order.

Exciting Colours & Materials

WaterUps can be bought as part of the following commercial partner ranges:

Plantabox Planters range

Draffin Street Furniture’s Hamilton Planter box range.

Street Furniture Australia

Satu Bumi

These offerings provide a range of sizes and a variety of facades from rustic weathered steel, powder coated steel in a range of contemporary colours, or stainless steel, and timber treatments, including some with seating. Send us a message if you want more information or are keen to order.

Raised Garden Beds with WaterUps will Save you big $.

A 63-day trial in the Spring of 2018 by Kimbriki House and Garden Centre on Sydney’s North Shore demonstrated the amazing water saving and crop bounty RESULTS of using WaterUps in raised garden beds.

Raised Wicking Garden Bed

WaterUps in an above ground garden bed

Watered through: WaterUps inlet pipe

Per cell usage: 42.25 litres or 80% of Traditional.

Plants: More even and ‘lush’ growth, compared to the plants in the traditional garden.

In-ground Wicking Garden

WaterUps in a ground level garden bed

Watered through: WaterUps inlet pipe

Per cell usage: 73.83 litres (nearly double raised bed.)

Plants: Better than traditional not as good as Raised Wicking Bed

Traditional Garden Bed

No WaterUps technology

Watered by: Above ground spray system

Per cell usage: Equivalent: 216 litres. A lot of water!

Plants: Not great. See Results yourself

The secret to these results all comes down to the wicking innovation that WaterUps has created.

It is the world’s first scalable wicking system that gives complete flexibility and creativity of garden design.

Solutions for small areas

WaterUps offers a raised square planter (480 (L) x 480 (W) x 430 (H) in a range of colours, complete with WaterUps wicking cells. This planter has an optional mobile base on heavy duty castor wheels. See here for details.

Raised Garden Bed Ideas

WaterUps is a flexible and scalable wicking solution that can be used in practically any shape of raised garden bed.

See what others have done.

Vegetable Tips

WaterUps makes growing vegetables easier and more abundant while providing better nutrition and other benefits

Grow your own vegies from Punnets

Rooftop Gardens

WaterUps is being used in rooftop garden beds to and cool buildings and provide usable green spaces across Australia and around the world.