WaterUps Square Planter Starter Kit


  • Elevate your gardening game with the all-in-one WaterUps Starter Kit.
  • Are limited spaces hampering your big gardening dreams? This compact kit packs everything you need for thriving edible plants.
  • Featuring a square planter, custom frame, and insect netting, it’s the ultimate, space-efficient toolkit for growing tomatoes, peas, and beans.
  • Looking to produce more in less space? Make the smart switch today.

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Meet the WaterUps Starter Kit—a gardener's compact paradise. 

Conventional gardens require ample space and constant attention, making it difficult for urban dwellers or busy individuals to grow their own produce. 

Our Starter Kit simplifies the process, offering an integrated, space-saving solution perfect for smaller areas, patios, or balconies. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Compact Design: Maximises your growing potential in limited spaces. 
  • Versatile Planting: Ideal for tomatoes and climbers like peas and beans. 
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes a square planter, WaterUps wicking cell, inlet and overflow pipes, a 2L bag of Perlite, a tall garden frame, and sewn insect netting. 
  • Insect Protection: Custom netting keeps bugs and pests at bay. 
  • Easy Setup: Comes with made-to-measure net clamps for easy assembly. 

With a nearly 15% bundle saving, this kit is a cost-effective way to delve into advanced gardening. 

Ready to expand your homegrown menu with minimal fuss? Opt for the WaterUps Starter Kit and harvest the benefits today! 

Additional information

Weight 9.2 kg
Dimensions 910 × 480 × 430 mm

Monument, Light Grey, Sandstone

Inclusions / Exclusions

  • 1 x WaterUps Square Planter
  • 1 x WaterUps Wicking Cell
  • 1 x Inlet Pipe & Cap
  • 1 x Overflow Pipe
  • 1 x 2L bag of Perlite
  • 1 x Tall Square Planter Garden Frame
  • 1 x Netting and Clips

Please note: You will now need 2 x 25L (50L) bags of good quality potting mix or potting soil to fill the Oasis 1680 Wicking Bed.