WaterUps Tall Square Planter Garden Frame


  • Unveil the future of gardening with the WaterUps Tall Square Planter Growing Frame.
  • Frustrated with limited space and vulnerable plants? Elevate and protect your greenery effortlessly.
  • Crafted for simplicity and efficiency, this modular frame boasts 1.8 metres of vertical growing space and an option for netting, redefining plant support and protection.
  • Ready to take your gardening to new heights?

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Imagine your plants reaching for the sky, undeterred by pests or confined spaces. Make that dream a reality today.

Running out of room for your beloved plants? Tired of invasive pests nibbling on your garden's hard work?

The WaterUps Tall Square Planter Growing Frame is your garden's ultimate wingman— offering 1.8 metres of vertical real estate and a lightweight, easy-to-assemble design that can also accommodate protective netting.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Vertical Space: 1.8 metres of vertical growth opportunity. 
  • Light & Easy: Assemble effortlessly without professional help. 
  • Protective Measures: Option to attach netting for a safeguard against pests. 
  • Modular Design: Easily integrate with existing or new WaterUps planters.

To maximise your wicking and planting experience, we recommend pairing this frame with the WaterUps Square Planter and our proprietary wicking systems.

New to vertical gardening? This is a great starting point and fully compatible with our Starter Kit.

Eager for a garden that grows upwards and stays protected? Add the WaterUps Tall Square Planter Growing Frame to your cart now! 

Please Note: The WaterUps Square Planter will need to be purchased separately or you can buy both together in the Starter Kit.

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Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 910 × 190 × 130 mm

Installation Guide & Specifications Sheets

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