Posted: 19 February 2022 by Ian Collins

WaterUps® are pleased to announce the release of our new range of mobile planter bases. Over the last year we have been approached by several cutomers asking if we could come up with a product that would allow them to move their planters. Some wanted to be able to easily change a design layout. Others wanted to be able to move their planters into or out of the sun.

 In response to this, we now have a base for our Square Planter available in matching colours. Over the next couple of weeks we will also have stock of a new aluminium base with 6 heavy duty castors for our Oasis 1240 bed. This will be a great solution for cafes wanting to provide greenery for their outdoor areas.

WaterUps® Square Planter Mobile Base

Available now. To view click here

WaterUps Mobile 1240 Planter Base

Coming soon