WaterUps launches new planter base with wheels

Planter Box on Wheels easy to push

WaterUps is pleased to announce our first planter box on wheels, thanks to the the release of our new range of mobile planter bases. Designed to work with our smallest raised wicking garden bed, the WaterUps Square Planter, they give gardeners greater flexibility in how they arrange their garden.

Over the last year we have been approached by several cutomers asking if we could come up with a product that would allow them to move their planters around. Some wanted to be able to easily change a design layout. Others wanted to be able to move their planters into or out of the sun.

In response to this, we now have bases for our Square Planter available in four matching colours. The raised square planter box measures 480(L) x 480(W) x 430(H). The mobile base can sustain a weight of 80kg, thanks to heavy duty base and steel castors. This  is ample for what could be planted in the square planter box.

We are also planning to introduce a second planter box on wheels when we launch our new aluminium base with 6 heavy duty castors for our larger Oasis 1240 bed. This will be a great solution for cafes wanting to provide greenery for their outdoor areas while giving them the ability to move the beds and chain them up for greater security. Cafés in Neutral Bay Sydney already use WaterUps raised planters to define their seating area and creating greater ambience.

WaterUps Square Planter Mobile Base

Available now. To view click here

WaterUps Mobile 1240 Planter Base

Coming soon

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