WaterUps releases new latte colour for square planter

Raised planter box range expands

Waterups first introduced the square planter, the baby of our raised planter box range in 2021.

The Square Plane has proven to be a major innovation for balcony, courtyards and small space gardening for a multitude of reasons, most notably the inbuilt wicking technology. This 480(L) x 480(W) x 430(H) design features a single WaterUps wicking cell on the bottom (capable of holding 17 litres of water), as well as an inlet pipe and and overflow valve.

Plants draw up the water as needed and won't suffer from having wet feet from over watering. It also ensures healthy soil (due to adequate oxygen supply) and thus optimal growing conditions.

What this means is that gardeners don't have to water their pot plants as regularly (nor use or waste as much water). In the height of summer you may need to top up the wicking reservoir once a week - much less at other times of the year. Gardening Australia presenter, Sophie Thomson, is a big fan, highlighting the benefits of the WaterUps raised planter box at the recent Queensland Garden Expo.

Latte is our newest colour

While WaterUps focuses on producing state of the art sub-irrigation wicking systems, this doesn't mean, however, that we ignore design trends.

We started with a single colour — the dark grey Monument. Since then we have added the Light Grey and the Sandstone.

We are now very pleased to announce the release of our newest colour — Latte — inspired by the neutral tones of Italian espresso and steamed milk.

Our Latte planters will blend in with and compliment most urban environments and can be purchased with an optional wheel-based used that is also latte-coloured to match.

Like all WaterUps Square planters, the new Latte one comes with the Wicking cell and perlite included. You just need to add soil, plants and water.

Available now. To view click here