WaterUps and Flexi Garden Frames join forces

Posted: 15th August 2021 by Ian Collins

We are pleased to announce that WaterUps® has acquired a 50% interest in Flexi Garden Frames®.

In our search for a netting solution for our Oasis range of wicking beds, we struggled to find any company in the market that was making the type of frame covers that we wanted. We were looking for a modular solution that could provide effective netting protection for growing edibles. We finally found the solution we were looking for with Flexi Garden Frames®. Their products were unique, and their modular approach was exactly what we were after.The Flexi Frame that we jointly designed for the Oasis 1680 wicking bed provides a climbing frame up to 1.8 metres tall and can be purchased with a sewn exclusion net.

It is a rare thing to find like minds as well as complementary businesses and, when you do, great things can be achieved.We wanted to be part of the bright future that we saw in Flexi Garden Frames and to take advantage of the many synergies that we felt existed between the 2 businesses.

Focused on developing innovative gardening products like ours, Flexi Garden Fames® have invented a world’s first - modular garden frames. We think of it as “Meccano” for gardeners. This means that no matter what size or shape your garden bed is, or what plants you grow in them, you can easily build a garden frame fit for purpose. No hammers or screws, just click together to easily build a frame to climb plants all over or throw protective cloth on and clip it in place. Take it apart and reshape it or leave it up permanently in the garden. The frames can be used for everything from seed to harvest, Brassicas to fruit trees. No matter what your growing situation is, Flexi Garden Frames® has your plants covered.

Like WaterUps® all components of the Flexi Frames are made in Australia for Australian gardeners and conditions.

Could there be a better fit? We don’t think so. It is a perfect match, which is why we are so pleased and excited to have purchased 50% of the business, opening even more opportunities for both WaterUps® and Flexi Garden Frames®.We are currently working on several joint initiatives and encourage you to check out Flexi’s product range. And, if you quote “Flexi5” coupon code, Flexi will give you a 5% discount on your first purchase.