WaterUps in The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

WaterUps used in The Calyx display at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

WaterUps has been chosen for ground-level garden beds in The Calyx facility in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden, out of sight in their newest gardening project, Love Your Nature.

A modern glass-and-wood building for floral exhibitions and events, The Calyx houses one of the largest green walls in the southern hemisphere, with changing floral displays across the seasons.

Love your Nature features a diverse range of plants from prehistoric time with the Wollemi pine and old man’s beard through to native grasses, citrus trees, heliconias, exquisite orchids and much more.

WaterUps wicking cells were installed in September to improve the watering of garden beds and better manage ground water run-off for easier maintenance and safety.

Over 115 wicking cells were used in one of the irregular shaped garden beds which took just nearly 2 days to install. The appeal of the WaterUps technology is its scalability and ability for each cell pack, that has four wicking feet, to be cut to fit any shaped or size garden bed. The garden beds at The Calyx included round beds and kidney-shaped designs.

One of the dramatic features of the display is a large and heavy over 200 kg pot that sits atop of one the garden beds. It was fortunate that WaterUps cells, which are manufactured from recycled plastic, were designed to support such weight.

WaterUps has had a long-standing partnership with The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney having previously been involved in their Community Greening initiative to provide edible gardens for community housing across New South Wales and for some bushfire recovery projects

“It’s exciting to be part of this iconic building and a garden much loved by Sydneysiders and visitors from all over the world,” said Ian Collins, CEO of WaterUps. “We look forward to our continued association with The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and value the important and inspiring work they do.”

The Love your Nature display will run to 2023. Be sure to check it out!

More display photos can be found on The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s Social Media pages.