WaterUps improves the Forbes city centre streetscape

Posted: 16 May 2021 by Ian Collins

In late 2020 the Forbes Shire Council wanted to install large tree planters to act as bollard protection and to improve the streetscape of the city centre. The council wanted a low maintenance solution that would keep their trees healthy over the hot summers experienced in the area so decided to use WaterUps®in their new tree planters. The stainless steel planters were manufactured locally based on a design that used WaterUps® wicking cells and joiners and incorporated a central vertical overflow pipe in the base.

6 months later the Little Gem Magnolias are growing well and have required very little attention.

Some of the planters were recently modified internally to allow the 1metre high planters to grow smaller shrubs with shallower root systems. This entailed raising the WaterUps® cells and reservoir above the base of the planters.