WaterUps® Products

WaterUps from DownUnder® are an Australian designed and manufactured water wicking system that can be used in a wide variety of garden and landscape watering environments.

The WaterUps® wicking system includes:

  • Wicking Cells;
  • Inlet and Overflow Pipes;
  • Joiners for linking cells together.

WaterUps Steel Wicking Beds

The Corrugated Steel Wicking Beds are manufactured from high-quality materials ensuring their durability and longevity under all environmental conditions. They incorporate the world leading ‘Self Watering’ technology provided by WaterUps from DownUnder®.

The WaterUps® Wicking Cells are designed and manufactured in Australia from recycled polypropylene. Their innovative design optimises the ‘wicking’ capabilities of watering from below, providing you with a longer term and more efficient garden watering solution.

Note: Our new Corrugated Steel bed 1600mm x 800mm will be available soon

eWood® Wicking Beds

The benefits of eWood® aren’t just environmental. eWood® is resistant to rot, insect damage, UV and moisture, and therefore has a long-life with low maintenance.

eWood® is made in Australia using 95% recycled materials. eWood® is a unique plastic wood made from the mixed plastics of products previously destined for landfill such as: computers, televisions, white goods, commercial equipment, car parts and printer cartridges collected from the e-waste.

The eWood® Wicking Beds come with WaterUps® Wicking Cells, a pipe kit and joiners, however pond liner needs to be purchased separately. 

Special Order WaterUps® Timber Wicking Beds

WaterUps® also have available specially designed raised timber beds. The beds are produced in Australia from sustainably grown Australian plantation pine and are classed as suitable for use in sensitive areas, such as vegetable beds.

As these raised timber beds can be built in a wide range of sizes, they are available on a SPECIAL ORDER basis only. They come complete with WaterUps® Wicking Cells, pipe kits, joiners and pond liner.

Dimensions available:

Heights: 400mm and 600mm Lengths/Widths: multiples of 200mm

Timber used:
These timber beds are made from Ironwood® Sienna Sleepers which utilise a new colour and treatment technology which penetrates the timber for a rich, finished look similar to hardwoods, and making it an ideal building material to complement today’s outdoor landscaping projects.

Note: The freight cost of these timber beds is high due to their weight, so we have provided a complete DIY construction guide that will enable you to purchase the sleepers and pond liner from your nearest hardware stockist and easily build your own. You then just need to buy the required number of WaterUps® cells, pipe kit and joiners.

WaterUps® Timber Wicking Beds can be constructed to your precise requirements and are available through our Preferred Installer network.


WaterUps® Gift Cards

Give someone the wonderful gift of a WaterUps® Gift Card, which can be used to purchase wicking products on this website as provided by the Gift Card Terms and Conditions.