WaterUps Supports Water Night 2022

Water Night 22 urges us to do better at saving water

WaterUps is proud to be a supporter of The Water Conservancy’s Water Night 22 and National Water Week 2022. Similar to Earth Hour, Water Night seeks to help Australians be more conscious of their water habits and ultimately lead to a reduction in wasteful water usage. Households are asked to not use their taps from 5pm to 10pm on Thursday 20 October, during National Water Week 2022. It’s a great activity that families or flatmates can do together to increase their appreciation of water. Participants are encouraged to sign-up HERE.

In additional to financial support, as part of their sponsorship of Water Night, WaterUps, with the Water Conservancy, are giving away 1 Oasis Colourbond 1680 raised garden bed and 20 WaterUps Square Planters — all with inbuilt wicking — to 21 lucky winners.

The competition will run from Tuesday Oct 4 to Sat Oct 8 2022 with all details to be announced on social media. See:

WaterUps Facebook. WaterUps Instagram.

According to WaterUps, CEO, Ian Collins, saving water has been a key focus for WaterUps since day one, as they recognise water as a finite resource and needs to be well managed.

“The first accreditation we sought was the Smart Approved WaterMark, providing confirmation of the important water saving benefits of WaterUps wicking solutions.”

“We are pleased to continue our association with The Water Conservancy as it works with so many individuals, organisations and councils across Australia to advocate and advise on the importance of water.

“In a similar vein, WaterUps is working with several local councils on a variety of initiatives including community gardens, street tree planting and watering solutions, and rain gardens to manage water more wisely – all while producing healthy, greener outcomes.

“Above all else, water is key to food production, ” he said.

A Reminder that Water is Scarce

According to Ian, there are three key statistics that everyone needs to keep in mind:

  • Only 1 % of the world’s water is usable
  • 70% of global water use goes to food production
  • By 2050​, we will need to increase food production by 70% to meet the needs of a global population of 9.8 billion people​.

“It is for this reason we are committed to working with the Water Conservancy to encourage all Australians to do more to conserve water,” he said.

“We hope many of our customers and clients join us for Water Night 22 on Thursday 20 October and experience what it's like to go without running water.”

Water Saving Tips

Loads of resources can be found at Water Night including flyers on::

  • Water Saving Hacks
  • Saving Water at Home
  • Saving water in the Garden
  • Saving water at School
  • Saving Water at Work
  • Saving water with Pools
  • Saving water with Rainwater Tanks