WaterUps new square planter is here!

After months of design work and refinements, testing of prototypes, 6 weeks of toolmaking, and shipping/port delays, we have finally received the injection molding tool for our new square planter. It is currently being commissioned by our partner, Reln Industries, who will be getting it ready for our first production trial next week. We had hoped that the square planter would be available for Xmas, but unfortunately, we will be looking at first deliveries in the early new year.

The new WaterUps® square planter will be the perfect wicking bed solution for smaller balconies or to grow some leafy greens or herbs. Given its size, you could also grow a tomato or chilli plant. It would also make a great low maintenance solution for decorative ornamentals, particularly for those people who forget to water!

The dimensions of the new WaterUps® Square Planter are 480mm(L) x 480mm(W) x 400mm(H). Like our other wicking system products, the square planter will be manufactured in Australia from recycled polypropylene.