WaterUps makes EcoSpecifier Global Green listings

Posted on: 23 February 2018

EcoSpecifier commented in its assessment of WaterUps from DownUnder that “The WaterUps wicking system is suggested as a water-efficient irrigation solution for small-scale and urban food gardens because it may achieve better yields, provide better growing conditions for plants compared to other best-practice surface irrigation, and contribute to labour efficiency for gardeners.” .

Ecospecifier Global grants the WaterUps Water Wicking System Ecospecifier Global Basic Listing – Australia.

In addition to being certified for water saving, Ecospecifier also noted, in its detailed assessment, that the WaterUps Water Wicking System:

  • contributed to a downstream reduction in energy use;
  • reduced GHG emissions; and
  • reduced waste generation and acquatic impacts.

EcoSpecifier Certification – WaterUps®