WaterUps and Angus Stewart conduct wicking bed workshop

As part of World Water Day, WaterUps® was invited by TasWater to participate in their ‘Water Source’ event last Saturday at The Edible Precinct in Evans Street, Macquarie Point, Hobart.

‘Water Source’ was held in collaboration with Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Macquarie Point Development Corporation, Angus Stewart and Horticultural and Landscape Supplies.

Wicking bed display box showing capillary rise

One of the highlights of Water Source’ was a 1½ hour wicking bed workshop conducted by horticulturalist and former ABC Gardening Australia presenter Angus Stewart with Ian Collins from WaterUps®. The workshop explored:-

  • the history of wicking bed technology
  • the science of capillary action
  • the role of particle size in capillary rise
  • issues relevant to the construction of the Reservoir Layer
  • connecting the Reservoir Layer to the Soil Layer
  • the importance of aeration in wicking systems
  • the role of soil structure in wicking beds
  • overflow pipe positioning and the potential for anaerobic soil problems
  • constraints on the height of wicking beds
  • closed system and open system wicking beds
  • wicking beds and water saving
  • wicking beds and watering frequency
  • wicking beds and plant root growth
  • the commercial application of wicking beds

If you would like to know more about any of these topics please contact me on my email ian.collins@waterups.com.au

Darcy Pritchard from HALS at Water Source