The Calyx doubles WaterUps Planters

WaterUps versatility supporting precious plants in The Calyx

After first using WaterUps in their Love Your Nature gardening exhibition in September last year,The Calyx has doubled its use of WaterUps with its latest update to its current exhibition.

Following on from the World Pride Festival which saw The Calyx put on a giant rainbow floral installation, the Love Your Nature exhibition is back with new plants.

WaterUps is used for in ground-level garden beds in The Calyx facility in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden, so visitors would be none the wiser as to the water saving and other benefits that WaterUps wicking is providing. (Look closely to see the overflow pipe at the bottom left in the image below.)

One of the great benefits of WaterUps is that the wicking cells can be cut to work in any shaped or size garden bed, enabling The Calyx to have tremendous creative scope in their design.


4-month study of water usage at The Calyx comparing WaterUps with above ground watering.

The new display has a variety water sensitive native ferns and plants from gullies and riparian zones across Australia including the Wollemi Pine.

The consistent water supply that only the WaterUps system can provide is keeping these precious plants happy and growing with a vigour.

Both beds hold around 1700 lt of water each and are being topped up every two weeks.

The Love Your Nature Exhibit is over every day from 10 am to 4 pm till 30 June.