Basix and WaterUps

Posted: 5th December 2020 by Eric Sturman

By installing WaterUps wicking cells in the garden and around the home, it will reduce the size of the water tank needed to comply with the water efficiency requirements for BASIX.

WaterUps has already physically demonstrated provable water savings arising from operations over a period of 5 years. To date, we estimate that WaterUps have saved over 14.5 million litres of water compared to above-ground watering methods. In order to obtain a BASIX Certificate confirming compliance with the NSW Government's sustainability requirements, a residential development proposal is required to use up to 40% less potable water than the average home 'pre-BASIX' home benchmark of 90,340 litres of water per person per year. For the average household this would be achieved by installing less than 6 square metres of WaterUps wicking cells.

WaterUps wicking cells are a unique product designed to combat water waste and reduce the maintenance time and water needed for a wide range of growing environments, landscapes, and gardens. WaterUps® use capillary action to draw water from the reservoir at the base to irrigate the garden. It’s a great way to store and use water efficiently.


WaterUps® wicking bed in retaining wall holding 250 litre

Reduce the size of water tank needed for Basix

  • The WaterUps® wicking cell system holds 1,000L for every 10m2
  • The system can be installed in raised garden beds and planter boxes and behind retaining walls.
  • The water in the system can be topped up, if needed, but will fill naturally during rains.
  • Water is used by the plants without the need for pumps or irrigation systems.


The WaterUps® system will not only save space by reducing the amount of water storage required but will also replace the need for a garden irrigation system.

Why use WaterUps®?

  • No need for a separate irrigation system
  • Reduced installation costs
  • No ongoing maintenance cost

Key features:

  • Accredited sustainable product
  • Australian designed and manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • modular
  • Cost effective

WaterUps® Sub-irrigation Channel will make Basix compliance even easier

The new Sub-Irrigation Channel <‘SIC’> WaterUps® wicking system is scheduled for launch in February 2021. This system will make the installation of all types of wicking beds much easier. It will also allow wicking systems to be installed under lawns. This will mean that the average 3000L water storage requirement, to comply with Basix for most new builds, will be able to be met simply by installing 30m2WaterUps® under lawn.

The Sub-Irrigation Channel will be able to be filled from downpipes like a standard water tank.

Australian Registered Design No 202015954


Sydney Water estimates that the average Sydney household uses 623L of water per day.

* Water consumption in the garden, which contributes to 25% of total household usage, equates to 155L per day. WaterUps® use only 20% of the water consumed by traditional irrigation systems. If the entire garden is irrigated using the WaterUps® system this would save 124L per day, or a total yearly saving of 45,260L per household.

**Independent trials conducted at the EcoHouse and Garden any Kimbriki, which is operated by the Northern Beaches Council, concluded that WaterUps® wicking beds used 80% less water than standard above-ground irrigation systems.