WaterUps makes every garden better

WaterUps is a modern innovation inspired by an age-old wisdom: the art of WICKING.

Manufactured with care in Australia, our solutions are designed to revolutionise URBAN GREENING and FOOD GARDENING.

By choosing WaterUps, you're not just nurturing your garden; you're embracing a future where water conservation and plant health go hand in hand.

Explore Our Diverse Wicking Gardening Solutions

Discover everything from mobile wicking planters, to complete food garden setups and advanced modular sub-irrigation wicking systems.

Wicking Beds and Planters Discover the ultimate in efficient gardening. Our selection brings together sustainability and elegance, ensuring lush growth with minimal effort & water, tailored for gardens of all sizes. SHOP PRODUCTS
Wicking Systems

Elevate your garden's irrigation efficiency. Our innovative  wicking solutions cater to every gardener's needs, providing efficient water distribution and root nourishment for healthier plants.

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Why WaterUps?
Grow More, Worry Less!

WaterUps was founded by Ian Collins and Vince Hunt in 2015. Our focus was to build a company that refined sustainable gardening and efficient water usage.

By modernising the age-old sub-irrigation technique of wicking, we've transformed wicking bed technology into a versatile solution, adaptable across commercial, civil, horticultural, and residential settings.

Our innovation not only enhances food security and urban greening initiatives but also sets standard in water conservation practices.

Save Water

WaterUps saves 80% of water usage compared to surface drip irrigation and also captures rainwater for drought resilience.

100% Scalable

Fits any garden size or style, from small pots to large beds and projects, enhancing creativity without sacrificing efficiency.

Australian Made

High-quality, eco-friendly products made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic, embodying our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Less Maintenance

Achieve lush, low-maintenance gardens with WaterUps, providing consistent moisture for healthier plants and more free time.

Why WaterUps?

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Wicking beds are rapidly gaining global recognition for their remarkable efficiency and sustainability. Recently, Bailey Middle School in Austin, Texas, highlighted the power of wicking beds in their school garden, underscoring the growing interest in this innovative gardening method. At WaterUps, we are proud to lead this movement, providing top-tier wicking systems that are revolutionising gardening practices worldwide. Discover how our products support sustainable gardening and help create a greener future. Join us in making a positive environmental impact with WaterUps! Read more on our website.

    Ian Collins

  • 2 min read
Renowned horticulturist Angus Stewart shares his transformative experience with WaterUps' wicking systems, highlighting their efficiency, sustainability, and positive impact on plant growth and water conservation. Dive into the details of how WaterUps is reshaping eco-friendly gardening.

    Ian Collins

  • 2 min read
Explore the journey of WaterUps and BERA BV in winning the "Groene Sector Innovation Award", a testament to our dedication to sustainable gardening and innovative wicking technology.

    Ian Collins

  • 2 min read
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