WaterUps Food Garden Package – Small


  • Elevate your home gardening with the WaterUps Food Garden Package – Small.
  • Overwhelmed with managing a sizable garden? Our Small package makes it hassle-free.
  • Equipped with four wicking bed kits and two worm factories, this package delivers a sustainable and water-efficient garden right at your doorstep. 
  • Are you prepared for a fuss-free, greener tomorrow?
  • Free Shipping: Delivered straight to your doorstep, no extra costs.

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Aspiring for a bountiful home garden that also respects Mother Earth? Say hello to the WaterUps Food Garden Package – Small.

Scaling your gardening efforts often brings in complications—more water use, increased waste, and demanding time commitments.

Our Small Package is a comprehensive suite for the eco-conscious gardener. It streamlines the essential components of a thriving, sustainable food garden.

Features & Benefits:

  • 4 Wicking Bed Kits: Four WaterUps Oasis 1680 Wicking Bed Kits to keep your plants well-hydrated, reducing water use by up to 80%. Complete with 80L of Perlite. 
  • Flexible Covers: Four WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Covers for robust protection against the elements. 
  • Square Planter: One WaterUps Square Planter for a touch of aesthetic versatility. 
  • Comprehensive Composting: Two Tumbleweed Worm Factories and four Worm Buffet Kits to turn your waste into rich soil. 
  • Tumbleweed Tumbler Kit: Enhances your composting capabilities. 
  • Free Shipping: Yes, it comes with free shipping!

If you're just taking your gardening to the next level, this comprehensive yet user-friendly package is an excellent starting point.

Why keep dreaming of a thriving, sustainable garden? Your dream garden is just a click away. Secure your WaterUps Food Garden Package – Small today.

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 1620 × 550 × 450 mm

Inclusions / Exclusions

  • 4 x Oasis 1680 frame & liner
  • 4 x 8 packs of WaterUps cells
  • 4 x inlet and overflow pipe
  • 4 x 1680 Garden Bed Covers
  • 4 x 20L Perlite
  • 1 x Square Planter Kit
  • 2 x Tumbleweed Worm Factory
  • 4 x Tumbleweed Worm Buffet Kits
  • 1 x Tumbleweed Tumbler Kit

Please note: You will now need 64 x 25L (1600L) bags of good quality potting mix or potting soil to fill the Oasis 1680 Wicking Beds.