WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover – for Oasis 1680


  • Elevate your Oasis 1680 experience with our WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover.
  • Tired of pests and uncontrollable plant growth? We have the high-reaching, hassle-free solution you’ve been seeking.
  • Offering 1.8 metres of vertical growth and state-of-the-art insect exclusion netting, this is not just a cover—it’s your garden’s guardian.
  • Are you ready to grow and protect your garden effortlessly? 


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Welcome to effortless gardening and plant protection like you've never experienced. Meet the WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover, the ultimate companion for your Oasis 1680.

Are you fed up with invasive pests and the hassle of managing vertically growing plants?

Our uniquely designed Flexi Garden Bed Cover harmonizes perfectly with your Oasis 1680, transforming it into a safe haven with almost 1.8 metres of vertical growing space. Australian-made and ingeniously designed, it keeps pests at bay while you keep your garden flourishing.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Ample Vertical Space: Enjoy 1.8 metres of vertical growth room for your plants. 
  • Insect Exclusion Netting: 2mm woven HDPE, perfect for fruit fly protection. 
  • UV-Stabilised: 20% shade and UV protection for your green beauties. 
  • Flexi Netting Clips: Easily attach and detach the netting, with 4 clips included.

Pair this cover with your existing Oasis 1680 wicking bed for a seamless and holistic garden experience. 

Just starting your vertical gardening journey? This cover is an ideal and easy-to-use extension to any Oasis 1680 setup. 

Ready for a vertical garden that's free from pests and full of potential? Add the WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Cover to your Oasis 1680 today!

Please Note: The Oasis 1680 Wicking Bed will need to be purchased separately.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 910 × 190 × 130 mm

Installation Guide & Specifications Sheets