Our perlite is sourced from Exfoliators (Aust) Pty Ltd’s Australian based mine in Northern Australia. Exfoliators (Aust) Pty Ltd’s Premium Perlite is completely sterile and pH neutral, rendering it harmless to your plants and animals. It is also extremely lightweight, with a low bulk density between 50kg/m3 and 75kg/m3.

Exfoliators (Aust) Pty Ltd’s Premium Perlite has received Organic Certification from ACO Certification Ltd.

Adding perlite to the feet of the WaterUps® cells will supercharge your wicking system by helping to improve soil aeration and increase wicking efficiency.

You will need approximately 2 litres of perlite per WaterUps® cell. The calculator tool on our website can help you work out how much perlite you will need, and which of our perlite products is best for your wicking bed.

Before adding the perlite to your wicking bed we recommend that you read our Perlite Guide

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