WaterUps Solutions

Wicking Our World

Our Solutions for a multitude of Sectors

WaterUps wicking solutions are helping many sectors save money, save water and grow better gardens.  

Using our valuable resources more sustainably is important. Increasing our green spaces and growing more of our own food are being demanded by communities and the individuals who populate them. Local Government is also playing a role in the move to urban greening and water management. Being more efficient with our water usage is key to this, which is water WaterUps delivers while saving time.  

Local Government

Green streets with rain gardens, planters and reservoirs that save water and maintenance. 

Landscape Architects

Deliver long-lasting, thriving gardens with our sub-irrigation channels with automatic top-up. 

Property Developers

Provide stunning rooftop, interior and exterior gardens to cool buildings, clean air and boost sustainability. 

Home Gardens

Explore our ready to go wicking systems, mobile garden beds, food kits and garden covers. 

Schools & ELCs

Teach kids to be sustainable and how to grow food through curriculum subjects. 

Community Gardens

Create productive gardens to feed local families and foster community involvement. 


Produce more sustainable, bountiful and healthier crops using less water and labour. 

Nursery Growers

Improve the quality and flowering yield of your stock by up to 40 %. 

Aid Organisations

Help refugees become more self-sufficient through fresh, camp-grown food options.