WaterUps® Self Watering ‘Oasis’ Wicking Bed Kit 


Getting started with growing using a wicking bed is now even easier with the WaterUps® self-watering wicking bed kit.

If you’re not familiar with wicking, the concept is similar to placing a plant pot in a saucer of water to allow the soil to “soak” up the water to keep it alive – this action, called capillary action, is the basis of water wicking. (See this short video for more info.)

External – 1600(L) x 800(W) x 450(H)

The kit includes all required wicking components including

Raised Garden bed frame for self-assembly

Colour: Pale Green

8 x WaterUps® cells

1 x WaterUps® Reservoir Liner

1 x WaterUps® inlet pipe and cap

1 x screw overflow pipe

Assembly Information guide (on-line and download)

Our bed is delivered to your door flat packed with an easy to follow assembly guide and contains everything you need to get you started – just add potting mix, your preferred plants and water.

Recent trials at an Eco Garden on Sydney’s north side reported water savings of up to 80% when using the WaterUps® cells compared to their normal (conservative) above ground watering techniques.

Also, as the water stored underneath the WaterUps® cells allow growing environments to be left for extended periods without the need to be watered – sometimes for as long as 4 – 5 weeks! – they are proving increasingly popular with a range of urban growers, community gardens, schools and many other similar areas where regular daily watering is not always possible.

“I have been road testing WaterUps® for almost a year in a commercial scale urban farm I am involved in at the Edible Precinct at Mac Point in Hobart. In my experience it is as good as it gets as a wicking bed system and I can highly recommend it.”

Angus Stewart

Horticulturist, gardening author and television presenter


“I intend to convert more of my beds to wicking beds using this system over the next few years. As gardening becomes increasingly tough, I believe these wicking beds could make a real difference.”

Penny Woodward

Author & Horticultural Editor, ABC Organic Gardener Magazine


“I have trialled their Wicking Cell system here at our Kimbriki Eco House & Garden Education Centre, and they are terrific! They are easy to install, they work extremely well, they are very robust and I am sure will be very long lasting.”

Peter Rutherford

Ecologist, Eco House and Garden, Kimbriki NSW

The use of perlite in the wicking legs contributes significantly to optimal wicking action. Sourced from an Australian producer our premium perlite is sterile and pH neutral, which make it harmless to your plants and animals. Each wicking bed will require a 20L bag of Perlite

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