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If you’re not familiar with wicking, the concept is similar to placing a plant pot in a saucer of water to allow the soil to “soak” up the water to keep it alive. This action, called capillary action, is the basis of water wicking. Watch this short video for more information. 

Water stored in the reservoir underneath the WaterUps® cells allows the wicking beds to be left for extended periods without the need to be watered – sometimes for as long as 4 – 5 weeks! For this reason they are proving increasingly popular particularly where regular daily watering is not always possible.

Water savings of up to 80% when using WaterUps®

Recent trials at the Eco House and Garden on Sydney’s north side reported water savings of up to 80% when using the WaterUps® cells compared to their normal above ground watering techniques. WaterUps® therefore offer an ideal solution for local growers during times of drought and increasing water restrictions. 


Further Information

You can read more about the Water Use Comparison Trial results using the link below.

WaterUps® Central West

Buy locally to

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WaterUps® Central West is located in Orange and maintains a full range of WaterUps® products. Run by Carol Hughes, WaterUps® Central West also provides advice on the installation and operation of WaterUps® wicking systems.

Contact WaterUps® Central West

Name: Carol Hughes           

Phone: 0418 498 206

Email: carol.hughes@waterups.com.au

Carol also designs and makes a range of rustic style timber planters and window boxes, all featuring the WaterUps® wicking system. She re-uses timber from locally sourced old apple bins and has a range available for you to choose from. Alternatively, one can be designed and made specifically for your needs. 

Click here to view the range of WaterUps® products available locally.

WaterUps® Projects in the Central West

Here are a few examples of WaterUps® wicking systems that have been installed in the Central West region of NSW.

Corro vegetable garden, Orange

Retro-fitted hexagonal beds, Stuart Town

Retro-fitted metal beds by Iconic Outdoors

eWood beds installed by Iconic Outdoors. Byng Street Orange

Sarah Hoskin, Caledonian Landscapes veggie bed

eWood bed configurations by Iconic Outdoors, Millthorpe