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Key WaterUps® School & ELC Projects

Bondi Public School, Bondi NSW

In early 2019 WaterUps® was approached by Bondi Public, a Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden school, to help solve a watering problem with their garden beds. This led to the school installing 35 WaterUps® Oasis steel beds over the following year.

Kiddiwinks Pre School, South Windsor NSW

In December 2020 WaterUps® did its first installation for Urban Landscape Projects at their Kiddiwinks Pre School project at South Windsor in western Sydney. ULP has been building wicking beds into their landscape designs for a number of years. They are now using WaterUps® because they make installation much easier.

St Luke's Grammar School, Freshwater NSW

In October 2020 WaterUps® helped St Luke’s refit a large existing garden bed on the roof area of the school with WaterUps® and to build a new timber wicking bed.

Broderick Gillawarna School, Revesby NSW

In June 2020 we assisted with the installation of a number of our Oasis steel wicking bed at Broderick Gillawarna, a special education school for students with disabilities.

Urbenville Public School, Urbenville NSW

In late 2019 WaterUps® was asked by Urbenville Public School to assist them to revamp the vegetable garden at this northern NSW school. Water had always been a challenge for this small community and the WaterUps® wicking beds allowed them to provide fresh produce at the canteen.

Smalls Road School, Ryde NSW

In August 2020 we helped install our wicking beds at the school. The beds were planted with a range of bee attracting ornamentals, rather than vegetables. The beds are part of a Sydney pollinator highway promoted by B & B Highway, the brainchild of a not for profit organisation, Planting Seeds.

Mosman Public, Mosman NSW

In October 2020 WaterUpsC were retro-fitted to round and oval-shaped corrugated steel beds. This was done by JV Landscapes to create an efficient array of wicking beds for the school.

Mosman Prep, Terrey Hill Campus NSW

In 2018 a strip of timber raised beds were retrofitted with WaterUps® cells. These were adjacent to the schools kitchen and provided an abundant supply of fresh salads and vegetables for the students.

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20 Million litres of water saved

20 Million litres of water saved

Waterups® is proud to announce that we have passed a major milestone of 20 million litres of water saved – that’s the volume of 8 Olympic sized swimming pools!