Home gardens and apartment living

WaterUps® Residential


Wicking solutions help with growing your own food and maintaining beautiful ornamental gardens in raised garden beds, planters or in ground


Why use WaterUps®?

  • Delivers the right amount of water to pots and planters without messy runoff 
  • Protects pots and planters from drying out when you are away on holidays
  • Catches and stores rainwater instead of draining away 

It’s not that hard to grow your own food

Wicking beds are the perfect solution for the first time gardener because they make growing your fruit, vegetables, and herbs very easy. Once you have set up your WaterUps® wicking system your garden bed will largely look after itself. It will need:

  • initial watering for a couple of days to get your seedlings established
  • periodic checking of the water level in the reservoir to work out when to refill, which should generally be not more than monthly
  • maybe some protection from pests and wildlife

Wicking beds make growing beautiful ornamentals easy

You can easily establish low maintenance and low water usage ornamental gardens using wicking bed technology. Both above-ground and in-ground garden beds can be fitted with a WaterUps® wicking system. It will only require periodic watering by refilling the water reservoir. Depending on rainfall and climate this may be as little as 6 times per year.

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