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Key WaterUps® Residential Projects

Roof garden planters, Glebe NSW

These WaterUps® Oasis 1680 beds were installed to create the perfect vegie garden on the cliffs high above the ocean at Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The owners chose the wicking bed solution because of the exposed position that intyensified water loss from the wind and sun.

Roof garden planters, Glebe NSW

All of the pots and planters on this roof terrace ina converted warehouse in Glebe were fitted with WaterUps® wicking cells recently. A number of the pots were 800mm deep to allow trees to be grown.

Country retreat, Southern Highlands NSW

These raised beds were built in autumn 2020 to ensure that a viable vegetable garden could be established at a country retreat only occasionally visited. The owners have a passion for design and chose to use WaterUps® as the only viable solution.

Wicking beds for ornamentals, Mt Victoria NSW

WaterUps® were installed in this 2 tier timber retaining wall. An Oasis 1240 wicking bed has been added and the next project is to put WaterUps® in the old tin bath.

Retro-fitting corro beds, Stuart Town NSW

Growing food in these hexagonal beds remained a challenge for years due to a lack of consistent watering. They were retrofitted with WaterUps® in 2018 and were very quickly a productive source of fresh food for this farm veggie garden.

Galvanised corro veggie beds, Orange NSW

These beds were designed and built by Caledonian Landscapes in Orange in autumn 2020. Given the level 5 water restrictions, wicking beds were the only solution for growing an abundant food supply at home.

Outstanding vegetable garden, Canberra

With consistent dedication, Yaa has expanded her veggie garden in Canberra to create a food forest envied by all who visit. All the beds are watered with WaterUps®.

Vegetable garden near Bungendore, NSW

This veggie garden was established by well-known food recipe blogger, Jules Clancy from The Stone Soup, in 2018. The challenge was how to grow your own food with little water and on very poor soil. The raised beds were particularly successful.

Fennel in Forestville, NSW

Growing fennel in a WaterUps® wicking bed proved easy as this gardener in Forestville shows here. After assembling their WaterUps® Oasis bed little effort was required to produce thriving fennel and kale for this first-time gardener.

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