WaterUps 1240 Reservoir Liner Insert


  • Step into the future of garden care with WaterUps 1240 Reservoir Liner Insert.
  • Struggling with inconsistent watering and wasted resources? Achieve perfect hydration without the headaches.
  • Made from 100% recycled materials and precisely engineered for wicking beds of specific dimensions, this liner is your ticket to a thriving, eco-friendly garden.
  • Isn’t it time you watered smarter, not harder?

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Introducing the WaterUps 1240 Reservoir Liner Insert, where efficiency meets sustainability.

Traditional watering can be a time-consuming and resource-wasting exercise, affecting both your wallet and the environment.

Our liner insert introduces an age of precision in water management for beds measuring 1200mm x 400mm, making every drop count.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Eco-Friendly: Made in Australia from 0.38mm Black Jetco Promeg Ecorange, which is 100% recycled Polypropylene. 
  • Precision Fit: Tailored for wicking beds with internal dimensions of 1200mm x 400mm. 
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Arrives flat-packed with machine-creased fixing tabs and a pre-cut hole for your overflow pipe. 
  • Water Efficiency: Optimise hydration levels while minimising waste, thanks to precision engineering.

Whether you're an experienced gardener or new to the game, this liner insert is an ideal starting point for more responsible water usage.

Ready to bring your garden into the age of water-wise efficiency? Secure your WaterUps 1240 Reservoir Liner Insert now.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 4 mm