WaterUps Food Garden Package – Medium


  • Unlock the ultimate garden paradise with the WaterUps Food Garden Package – Medium.
  • Juggling multiple garden beds? Say goodbye to manual watering and composting woes.
  • This all-in-one package combines sustainability and functionality, making it an indispensable asset for any committed gardener.
  • Are you ready to elevate your garden into a self-sustaining oasis?
  • Free Shipping: Delivered straight to your doorstep, no extra costs.

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Eager to grow more but restricted by your garden's demands? The WaterUps Food Garden Package – Medium is here to set you free.

Whether you're expanding your garden or optimising your current one, the struggle with time, water efficiency, and waste management is real.

Our Medium Package equips you with everything you need for a seamless, eco-friendly gardening experience.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Six Wicking Bed Kits: Enjoy worry-free watering with six WaterUps Oasis 1680 Wicking Bed Kits, cutting your water usage by up to 80%. Complete with 120L of Perlite. 
  • Weatherproof Covers: Six WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Covers for that extra layer of protection, come rain or shine. 
  • Elegant Planters: Two WaterUps Square Planters for planting versatility and a dash of elegance. 
  • Worm Factories: Two Tumbleweed Worm Factories and six Worm Buffet Kits to make composting a breeze. 
  • Bonus Tumbler Kit: One Tumbleweed Tumbler Kit to elevate your composting process. 
  • Free Shipping: The cherry on top? We'll deliver it to your door at no extra cost.

For those taking their sustainable gardening journey up a notch, this medium-sized package serves as an excellent growth opportunity without overwhelming you.

So, are you ready to revolutionise your gardening practices and move closer to self-sustainability? Don't hesitate; make the WaterUps Food Garden Package – Medium yours today.

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 1620 × 550 × 450 mm

Inclusions / Exclusions

  • 6 x Oasis 1680 frame & liner
  • 6 x 8 packs of WaterUps cells
  • 6 x inlet and overflow pipe
  • 6 x 1680 Garden Bed Covers
  • 6 x 20L Perlite
  • 2 x Square Planter Kit
  • 2 x Tumbleweed Worm Factory
  • 6 x Tumbleweed Worm Buffet Kits
  • 1 x Tumbleweed Tumbler Kit

Please note: You will now need 96 x 25L (2400L) bags of good quality potting mix or potting soil to fill the Oasis 1680 Wicking Beds.