WaterUps Food Garden Package – Basic Kit


  • Turn your outdoor space into a self-sustaining oasis with the WaterUps Food Garden Package – Basic Kit.
  • Are you overwhelmed by the complexities of starting a home garden? Our all-in-one package removes the guesswork.
  • From wicking bed kits to worm farms, we offer you a complete ecosystem in a box for a flourishing, water-efficient food garden.
  • Ready to take the first step toward homegrown, eco-friendly food?
  • Free Shipping: Delivered straight to your doorstep, no extra costs.

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Ready to cultivate your dream garden but don’t know where to start? Meet the WaterUps Food Garden Package – Basic Kit.

Initiating a food garden is often confusing and time-consuming, from deciding what to plant to figuring out how to manage waste sustainably.

Our Basic Kit comes as a holistic solution. It offers wicking beds for water-efficient planting, a worm factory for composting, and much more, all designed for simplicity and productivity.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Wicking Bed Kits: Two WaterUps Oasis 1680 Wicking Bed Kits for water-conserving, lush gardens. Complete with 20L of Perlite. 
  • Garden Bed Covers: Two WaterUps Flexi Garden Bed Covers to protect your plants from harsh conditions. 
  • Square Planter: A stylish WaterUps Square Planter for versatile planting options. 
  • Waste Management: Tumbleweed Worm Factory and Worm Buffet Kits for effective composting. 
  • Free Shipping: Delivered straight to your doorstep, no extra costs.

With its comprehensive features and free shipping, this kit is an ideal starting point for aspiring gardeners and those committed to sustainability.

Why continue dreaming about a lush, sustainable garden? Make it a reality today with the WaterUps Food Garden Package – Basic Kit.

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 1620 × 550 × 450 mm

Inclusions / Exclusions

  • 2 x Oasis 1680 frame & liner
  • 2 x 8 packs of WaterUps cells
  • 2 x inlet and overflow pipe
  • 2 x 1680 Garden Bed Covers
  • 2 x 20L Perlite
  • 1 x Square Planter Kit
  • 1 x Tumbleweed Worm Factory
  • 1 x Tumbleweed Worm Buffet Kits

Please note: You will now need 32 x 25L (800L) bags of good quality potting mix or potting soil to fill the Oasis 1680 Wicking Beds.