Perlite – 6L bag


  • Sourced locally and certified organic, this feather-light soil enhancer supercharges your plant’s habitat without any harmful effects.  
  • Though we don’t recommend Perlite for WaterUps wicking bed soil, it works wonders when added to the legs of our wicking cells to increase wicking capabilities. 6L is enough to fill three cells. 

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Features & Benefits: 

  • Locally Sourced: Comes from Northern Australian mines, ensuring quality and supporting our community. 
  • Certified Organic: Boasts an Organic Certification from ACO Certification Ltd for eco-conscious gardening. 
  • pH Neutral: Protects your plants with a perfectly balanced, sterile medium. 
  • Ultra-Lightweight: With a low bulk density between 50-75kg/m³, it's an effortless addition to your garden setup. 

Whether you're new to gardening or a seasoned horticulturist, this 6L bag is an easy way to make a big difference, without a big commitment.

Want healthier, happier plants without the hassle? Click 'Add to Cart' and make it a reality. 

Before adding the perlite to your wicking bed we recommend that you read our Perlite Guide. 

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Weight .72 kg
Dimensions 305 × 455 × 10 mm

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