Medium eWood® Wicking Bed


External Dimensions: 1350mm(L) x 1350mm(W) x 500mm(H)

eWood® is a unique plastic wood made from the mixed plastics of products previously destined for landfill such as: computers, televisions, white goods, commercial equipment, car parts and printer cartridges collected from the e-waste stream.

The Medium eWood® Wicking Bed is pre cut and drilled, and comes with WaterUps® Wicking Cells, pipes and joiners..

The only additional items that you will need to purchase are pond liner and potting mix.


The Medium eWood® Wicking Bed is custom designed to hold WaterUps® cells. The Bed is pre cut and drilled, and comes with WaterUps® Wicking Cells, pipes and joiners.

Internal – 1200(L) x 1200(W) x 500(H)
External – 1255(L) x 1255(W) x 500(H)
This gives you 1.5 square metre of raised garden bed.

What is included:-
• eWood® panels and all required brackets and screws
• 9 x WaterUps® cells
• Inlet pipe
• Overflow pipe
• Joiners

Freight – Note eWood® material is heavy. Freight will be calculated at the checkout.
This is a great way to build a garden wicking bed using recycled sustainable materials. Simply add pond liner, potting mix and your plants.

You will need:-
Pond liner – 1 piece measuring 1240(L) x 1240(W).
Potting Mix – You will .50 cubic metres of bulk potting mix, or 10 x 50litre bags. You should note that purchase from a bulk supplier will be significantly cheaper.
Refer to website for optimal potting mix for your raised bed.

Additional information

Weight 108 kg
Dimensions 1350 × 1350 × 500 mm